Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Gemini

I am a Gemini in EVERY aspect, so since this is my astrological sign I posted info on its characteristics. B.T.W my bithday is on the 20th of June.

May 21-June 20

Gemini go everywhere together, hand-in-hand, symbolizing your dual nature. Our world comes in pairs: good and evil, male and female, in and out, yin and yang -- and you Geminis are living proof. Some might say Gemini are an entanglement of paradoxes, but the truth is that Gemini have an easy acceptance of opposites. Gemini world is one of duality. Gemini can like this and that, one thing and its opposite. It's like you see your world through a radio and Gemini can tune experiences and points of view in and out as your interests change.

Us Geminis are curious, talkative, versatile and mentally active. Our mind can bounce around from one topic to another with great ease, making Gemini the champion of cocktail party chatter and lighthearted social encounters. Others will think that Gemini are fun to be with, but your ability to change with the changing winds can also lead others to see Gemini as shallow.

Gemini motto might be "A rolling stone gathers no moss." You are the eternally youthful child, no matter your chronological age. A razor-sharp wit can have you verbally dueling with the very best of opponents, who moments later are your best of friends. As you fly through life, don't forget to take time to smell the flowers.

Element: Air
The astrological element of air represents movement. And the most efficient movement between two points is often a thought. Air signs are thinkers. They emphasize the intellect over other functions. With active minds and a good command of language, the air signs are the natural born communicators. They can be light and breezy as the breath of spring, but their words can also carry the power of a gale force wind.The air of Gemini is always changing direction. First the winds blow one way, then another. It's a metaphor for how our mind solves a puzzle, first thinking one way and then trying a different approach. This is a restless and searching wind.

Third House: Communication
The Third House symbolizes all aspects of communication -- and most communication happens within our immediate environment. Therefore this is also the house of our surrounding. Traditionally, this includes the type of interactions that happen between siblings, whether or not you actually have any. It also represents quick trips and short-distance travel.

Key Planet: Mercury
Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, moves around the Sun faster than any other planet. He symbolizes our thoughts -- not only how we think, but how we communicate. In fact, Mercury is in charge of all language. Mercury is our active and rational mind. It is not only "just the facts" but also what we do with them. As the key planet of Gemini, Mercury is restless and changeable. It drives us to talk and to listen, but not necessarily to action.

Gemini Greatest Strength: Your curiosity about a variety of interests

Gemini Possible Weakness: Distracting yourself from what is most important
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(In the tune of Uncle Luke) Hey what's that number one Birthday Month...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Review of Erykah Badu's Concert

I finally found something to wear, cute, not too much and I was ready (thanx to lil cuzzo for the pic). Let me just say, I left early so I wouldn't be caught in the rush hour traffic of D.C, but as you know... I was!!! 

Anyways I was close to just say'n F it because I got an "instant attiude" cause I couldn't find Constitution Hall (no address listed), but I remembered this is my favorite artist. I asked for directions from a taxi driver, looked to my left and right and saw people who looked like "concert goers" so I followed suit!!!

I finally arrived to the building after $18 in parking fees and two blocks of walking in 3 inch stilletos, to find out NO CAMERAS allowed. I did like every other person... rearrange my bag and walk right in. This place was crowded, everyone and their momma was there... literally. 

I found my seat, the roots were already on stage (I'm late now) and I chilled and watched their show for about 40 mins. I have a newfound respect for the roots, they were on point!!! I met two cool older sisters who were psyched that I was at a concert alone and after about an hour and 10 minutes...

The lights dimmed and 5 sistahs with afro puffs walked out and moved to the beat of Amerykahn Promise, the crowd was screaming ERYKAH, I think we were expecting her to follow with her fro. One of the backup singers looked just like Erykah (sisters, maybe?). Out walked Ms. Badu and the crowd went crazy!!! She poured herself a drink and then drank it, then she pressed this little synthesizer and the show began. 

You can tell that this is an artist that enjoys what she does, she was sashaying, beating on drums, the whole concert was very interactive!!! She moved on to tell us she had been still for a while and said the infamous line "I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my shit", this led us 
into her next song Me.

I actually can't remember all of the songs but  I believe she performed the first seven songs off of New Amerykah. However she did perform a few songs from her past cd's On and On, Other Side of the game, Orange Moon, Danger, and the last song she performed was Times a Wastin'. The crowd wasn't ready for her to leave because I'm sure everyone was screaming or thinking Tyrone, but she didn't deliver... oh well.  Let me just say, I did't realize the range of her voice, she was hittin high notes all over the place!!!

Erykah enlightened us on two things, Fear and Consumption, chick is real political. She was like they scare us (The Man) and we think we have to go out and buy things to be happy. The only thing I regret about this concert is I didn't jump on the tickets ASAP, I mean this concert was front row and backstage worthy. If you still have a chance please SUPPORT, real music with substance and not just a beat!!! F.Y.I- If you don't have the new c.d, you'll definitely need it  to sing-along!!!

Check out Erykah Badu here and here!!!

I didn't leave the show empty-handed, I got me a souvenir