Monday, June 20, 2011

B-Day 2K11

Today marks another milestone in my life. I've actually reached the last year of my 20s (OMG, I can't believe I actually just typed that). I can't even remember where I thought I'd be when I was 20 thinking about 29. What I will say is I am blessed to still be here and able to live my life like its golden. This year is actually on of the BEST Birthday's I've had. I can honestly say that I have a couple good friends here (unlike past years) where I could have 'planned' something but with me moving that did not happen.

I feel like this last year in my 20s I wanna live it to the fullest. There are a few things that I think are 'age-appropriate' for a 20- something-year-old that I'd still like to do. For instance I really want a piercing. I love the whole lip ring, but somehow I could see that interfering with a 'sudden' career change.  I've NEVER wanted a nose ring but for the past few months I've become infatuated with hoop nose rings. Now I'm not 100% but I am about 95 and a half!!! Funny thing is... I've never wanted a piercing other than my old az belly ring. I guess as random as I am, one day I just wake up and want to be natural, or want a piercing, or better yet... wake up and I'm 29. Now there are a few more things that I want to do that can't be disclosed on this blog (lol) but I still have time for that hopefully!!! I really want to get a few of my friends together and go zip-lining. I'd even go sky-diving.

Although my birthday weekend wasn't that adventurous, I did go check out Bridesmaids.  I LOVED it, a total chick flick, yet good enough that the guys can't contain themselves. I also did a lot of dining out. First stop was Cheesecake Factory. Normally, that place gets on my nerves... think, been-there-done-that. However the food was GREAT as always. Unfortunately, our waitress had halitosis in the worse way. I did a bit of shopping and had a fabulous tea from one of my FAV places (more on that later).

I also went out to eat at Guapos. The food was GROSS!!! But I LOVED the atmosphere. They had a band and I am a sucker for any type of live music. My friend also told the waitress that it was my Bday so the waiters came out and scared/surprised me.

Today (my actual born day)
My co-workers had gifts awaiting me once I arrived (late) at work.I'm super happy to work with people that know you. I always feel like you should get people what they want. And if you're not sure then go the gift card route. Later in the day I was surprised with cupcakes. If any of you slightly know me then you know I am a total cupcake connoisseur. I think my new FAV flavor is cookies and cream. Something about that cream cheese. To top my night off I went out to eat yet again at a new could be FAV local seafood restaurant.

Well my Bday has officially come to an end but you'll definitely see me living this year to the absolute fullest, long as my money ain't funny and change ain't strange. I attached the video above because it is my FAV song to get me in my Bday mood!!! Can't forget to thank my friends and family that helped me enjoy my special day. Please know that the BIG 3-0 will be on and poppin (hopefully ATL style)!!!