Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Week Fun!!!

So I couldn't blog as soon as I wanted because I left my computer charger in Ga., and was not about to spend $79.99 to get another one. It was my Grandma's 50th class reunion that's why I took the trip and paid no attention that it was a Holiday weekend because Memorial Day isn't a holiday that sticks as well as birthdays LOL!!! Anyways I had sooo much fun with my Grandma and the senior citizens. The way her Alma Mater does reunions is to celebrate all the years that ended with 8,9, etc. a joint celebration. The event kicked off with a march from the class of 2008, followed by the class of '48, '58, '68, and so forth. My Grandma gave the invocation and I believe she forgot she was in a school and took us straight to church!!! The reunion address was so inspirational, I felt like I was graduating!!! The speakers message was:

 "3 F's and an A"
1. Face your Fears
2. Forget your Failures
3. Fix your Focus
A- in all your ways acknowledge him and  he shall direct thy path

This milestone for my Grandma was especially intriguing to me because 50 additional years of being alive and maintaining an active lifestyle in the community is something I would like to emulate, and I'm happy I witnessed it first hand. The event was also intriguing because this particular school was the only  school blacks could attend back in the day, I was saddened by the poor turnout from the class of '98. So much history and knowledge in one room. A school built on the foundation of educating blacks to become a pillar in the community and society as a whole. Although this isn't my alma mater (actually our rival) I would like to salute the Spencer Greenwaves for past, present, and future endeavors in education. 

Let's just say the party didn't end there!!! Later on there was a Banquet which highlighted a dance. I was hesitant to commit to it but decided to go all out with my Grandma and happy I did. These Seniors were having a ball and so were we (my cousins and I). I mean the older people new all of the two steps, I couldn't even catch on half of the time. The food and the music were GREAT!!!!

Photo shoot in Grandma's walkway (yep I'm a product of the Hood)

Although I had hella fun with the family and at the class reunion, you know I couldn't visit Ga. and not kick it with my peeps!!! Come on... this ME!!!

So you know I had to make my way to the 'Bany, purposely to see my friends and get a dose of that Down South Ghetto Hustla Music!!! Let's just say that my night was WILD and ended in a good way!!! Below are pics of the friends and I. 

P.S- Shout to The Trap and Big Daddies for supplying the most ghetto music in South West Ga.!!

Line Sisters from the First and Best Sorority

I always have to have a photo shoot... LOL

Friends since Freshman Year 2000

Yep its poppin

Although the night had to end the real fun begin at the after party LOL!!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Airports, Airlines,...Fuckery!!!

With the increasing rise of gas prices, I think its only fair to say traveling by air is cheaper in most aspects. And because of that, airlines are taking full advantage and upping the bullshit. Where does all of my animosity stem from?
A. Missing my plane to Ga. last Wednesday
B. The inconsistency of services rendered to me ( the customer)
So I missed my plane, ad I'll take the blame for that. But coming from a region where the International airport is the largest establishment of its kind, my expectations are HIGH!!! My logic is, if you're a small airport, open up more, or maybe All of the security checkpoints. This makes sense especially when the line is beginning to curve outside of the sectioned area. Wednesday in Dulles airport, I felt like cattle being herded to its final destination. On top of that I get on the wrong bus/shuttle (yes I too make mistakes), which takes you to the final terminal. I end up at gate 41 and my plane was departing from gate 66 (go figure). This aspect of transportation really aggravates the hell out of me because I'm used to the underground train system in Atl. So I had to head back home and get up at 4 am to catch a standby flight at 6:45am, which was an extra $5 charge along with a strong possibility I would not catch a plane out because everything was booked. I said a quick prayer and after 2 standby passengers, I was the third and final one let on!!!
This takes me to my next level of pisstivity from airlines and carriers... Inconsistency. I attempt to leave (from Dulles) with my largest piece of luggage in my set. everything goes well, meaning no hidden fees or charges. Upon checking my bag in Atl., some guy pulls out his measuring tape (like he was about to size me correctly for a bra) and start measuring the length of my bag. He goes on to say that my luggage is over the height requirements, which will be an extra $29.99, so you know I got an instant attitude, which totally ruins my flight home. I've heard of all of the price changes for additional bags but this height requirement which wasn't required when I left was new to me. Airports and airlines, are nickel and dime'n all across, each week something different!!!
My thing is, if you know people are going to be traveling through your establishment, have newer technology for means of transportation. Airports need to find a way to remain consistent across the board. TSA officers enforce rules differently across airports, based on my traveling experiences.
Do you know of any other businesses where the art of Fuckery reigns supreme?