Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I did something I've NEVER done before...

Over the weekend I did something that I’ve NEVER done before… I went to the movies by myself. Since moving to Va. I’ve become sooo independent. I usually go out to eat by myself all the time but I’ve NEVER gone to the movies alone. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know how hype I’ve been over the movie Rio. As soon as I saw the previews with the enticing colors and music, I knew I had to see it. I am totally a big kid at heart when it comes to cartoons. I chose my DirectTV package based on the Boomerang channel.  When I started college my undergraduate major was early childhood education (before I changed it) and what I enjoyed most was the color and creativity. So you can see why I just had to get out and see the movie, even if that meant going alone.
The movie was sooo sweet, in the end a true love story. There was also a lot of humor for kids and adults too. There were music was awesome there were selections by Jaime Foxx,, Taio Cruz, Este Dean, and many more. Some of the songs made me want to create a Zumba routine, LoL!!! My FAV part or thing about the movie is that there were so many women and men with natural hair. Once they arrived in Rio there was a woman on the beach with an afro puff so you know I was super excited!!! And one of the bad guys had dreds too. My only wish is that I were able to enjoy the movie with my favorite kid. If you all haven't seen it, it's such a great movie to see (especially if you're a big kid like me)!!! After seeing this movie I definitely want to vacation next year in beautiful Rio de Janeiro (on to look for a payment plan, LoL).