Friday, September 5, 2014

Blogger Scene Summer Send Off Party

Last week I had a chance to meet up with other bloggers at Blogger Scene's Summer Send Off Cocktail Party hosted by Ashley In DC and Fashionably Broke. The cocktail party took place at Redline lounge in DC. Let's just say we sent the summer off right, the Sangria bar had the drinks flowing. This mix and mingle was exactly what I needed to get back in the groove of blogging and working towards a few of my blog goals. Since I got there super early, I was able to get a swag bag, that's like the key word for any event right, lol? The host had a panel of area bloggers (Tammy, Cathy, Abbey, Angelica) to give us a little insight on how to blog successfully. Don't you just love getting creative ideas from other bloggers, I know I do. One of the bloggers on the panel stated that she actually keeps a spreadsheet of all of her blog ideas and looks; such a great idea but I am sooo not there yet. What I did take away from this event is the idea of collaborating with other bloggers. The cool thing is their blog doesn't necessarily have to be your niche as long as you have something in common it can totally increase your viewership. I look forward to working with a few bloggers in the future. After all of the blog advice, was giveaways. Now when I say that host stepped it up with the gifts they totally showed out. There were gifts from Bauble Bar,Urban Chic, Blow Dry Now, Topshop & Nordstrom, Lou Lou Boutiques, Mosiac District, PopNod, STYLECABLE, Pure Barre, South Moon Under, J Macaron, Scratch DC, and Amrita Singh. I actually had a feeling that they'd call out my name and guess what, they did. I ended up winning a $25 gift card to  Scratch DC, I was super excited. All in all the event was a success, I met new bloggers and connected with a few bloggers that I hadn't seen in a while. Check out the pics.

I ordered the Caribbean Cooler before the event started and it was on point!!!

Angelica and friend enjoying the night!!!
Angelica, Friend, and Trish
New bloggers that I met (but didn't get a card)

Vivi and Missy Sassy Style

                             Lovely Blogger Mates-(Trish , Michsi, VIVi, Miss Sassy Style  sorry I don't know all of the other ladies)                                          

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Fun-Day!!!

Last Sunday I had an opportunity to attend Yelp’s 10th Year Anniversary Bash. Let me just tell you that this one probably one of Yelp’s BEST event to date (in the DC area that is). I’ve mentioned Yelp on my blog several times but if you are unfamiliar with the site/app; let me fill you in. Yelp is a multinational corporation that operates an ‘online urban guide’ and business review site. In lay man’s term it’s a community of people that provide honest opinions on restaurants, venues, and services all over. I’ve been a ‘Yelper’ ever since I had a horrible experience when I was in need of a root canal. Sometime afterwards I just got wrapped up in everything that is Yelp. I began checking in at venues/restaurants, writing awesome reviews, and engaging in daily chat on Yelp’s ‘talk’ section.  Finally I set a goal to obtain Elite status to be invited to all the exclusive events/Elite preview hours (check). Currently my Yelp goal is to regain my Elite status (I fell off during the time I was laid off) and apply and obtain a position at Yelp (just wait this will be checked off in the future). Honestly, Yelp is the one app that I can’t imagine being without on my iPhone and a company that I’ve always imagined working for.  Nonetheless now that you have a little background history on the company and my personal testament to who Yelp is and what Yelp does, I encourage you to check them out for yourself. Feel free to add me as a friend and check out my reviews here.
Yelp’s 10th Year Anniversary Bash was held at the Anacostia Arts Center in Southeast DC. Shout out to the Anacostia Arts Center for being a wonderful host. They were able to house several Yelpers and vendors as well as showcase artist that are located in their center. If you’re in the DC area be sure to check out the Anacostia Arts Center, it’s such a beautiful thing to watch people in the community perform the art that they love and give back to help out other artist. 

Since this was a milestone anniversary bash I expected the line to be around the block, luckily it wasn’t. In the interim of the 5 minute wait, there was a Cake Love representative handing out samples of cake in a jar. I just sooo happened to get one of my favorite flavors, salted caramel. I ended up throwing it in my bag and taking it to lunch the next day at work. I literally had to stop myself from licking the container, it was THAT good!!!

As soon as I entered the arts center I was greeted by Yelp staffers, I made a donation and was handed my Yelp flask that I’m sure will come in handy sometime soon. The music was bumping and excitement filled the venue. I located the first vendor and got in line for tasty s’mores and seafood sausage, this was my favorite treat of the night.  Right beside that was @SnapFiesta that took wonderful pictures to commemorate the Anniversary. As a blogger you know I never pass up an opportunity for a photo op!!! After running into other blogger buddies @heartprintstyle and @mischi I did it all again with them. You can never have too many pictures, right?

The absolute highlight of my night had to be the paint station as well as the flower bar. Although they were set up in a teeny tiny room, we were able to produce the most beautiful arrangements. Honestly my flowers still look good and they are over a week old. Check out the event below.

These came home with me!!!


Monday, July 7, 2014

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Target Oh My...

The best thing about being employed again is being able to get my shop on. Now granted, I still have to do it in moderation since I’m playing catch up from last year’s layoff, but it definitely feels good to just shop!!! Recently, I’ve been doing the ‘bulk’ of my shopping at 3 places: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Target. What I LOVE about all three places is that they each have something for each aspect of your life. However, Target has two additional caveats with their hours and the addition of groceries. Nonetheless, all are great for your girl. TJ Maxx and Marshalls has designer items discounted so its very important for me to check them out at least once a week. Not that I purchase everytime, but I like to see what’s new and in rotation. Here are a few things that either caught my eye or hopped in my cart.

Unfortunately this didn't go home with me but I'm kicking myself that I didn't make it work (the chain was too long). I love an 'initial' or monogram anything. 

With a wide selection of candles, TJ Naxx and Marshlls are my first stop when it comes to creating the perfect gift bag. My favs out of this bunch were, Fresh Shave (I may have to go back for this one since I lack a man but love their scent) and Intimate.

This was a score for me!!! I like that it has a built in surge protector and can charge 3 items simultaneously, it even has a little nook to rest your iPhone on. 
Since I'm not blessed in the chest area I never have to spend a lot of money on bras. However I can definitely tell the difference between a cheap bra and one that's a bit more pricier. I was able to get this Calvin Klein (classic designer) bra for only $10. I love the color and the fit #Score
That bash reached out to me and actually made it in my cart but I have sooo many recyclable bags that I decided to leave this for another fashionista.
Last week I made my rounds at Target and was happy to see a few new pieces. Check me out below getting my fitting room fashion on!!! 
This is actually a 2 piece short set and has two different tops. The top that I'm wearing would be perfect for an expecting mother!

As much as I liked the print I wasn't feeling the fabric. I also don't think that I wear both top and bottom paired together, I'd break it up.

This is actually the same print of the first outfit but on dress form. Let's just say the medium was a bit too tight. However I'm sure that after 21 days on Black Girls Workout Too I'd be able to look stunning in the freakum dress (I'm sure it'll be long gone by then). I'm pictured in the large which is...a bit large lol!

This is what should have come home with me. I see this dress perfect for any occasion; work, church, or a lunch outing.

It wouldn't be right if I went to Tarfet and didn't see something cute. I am such a big kid that lives for cute packaging. The da*m marketing will get me every time, but not this time... Wah la magic! 
If I could have just had the ago alone it would have made my day lol!!! 

As you can tell no matter which store; they all have something that keeps me going back (weekly). What are some of your #Fabfound items or Tarjay purchases?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sweet 16 Again...

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my 16th birthday again. Ok, ok you all know I’m not sixteen, but a lady never reveals her age right? In the past I’ve always had some type of ‘plan’ for my birthday but this year I knew that I wanted to do something lo-key and didn’t feel like rounding up a group of friends to make something happen. I remember when I first moved to Va. how pressed I was to do something and look at me now a few years later and in total chill mode! Although I didn't have any major birthday plans, the month of June for me has been full of experiences. I went hiking, saw Kelis in concert, hung out with a new friend, took a photography class and really began to put some things in perspective.
There may not have been an epic celebration this year but I was able to take a lo-key getaway trip to Richmond. I LOVE Richmond, there are sooo many cute places to visit. And since I'm a big foodie I knew I'd be able to check out a few restaurants and try new dishes. All in all, I had pretty good birthday weekend check it out.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Second Annual Summer Block Party

When I say the ladies at South Moon Under know how to party, I mean they know how to party. After, seeing this event advertised earlier this week I knew I had to be in the building and was super happy that my schedule allowed!!! Seeing as though my full time job is all of 5 minutes down the street, I was one of the first peeps to arrive. You know the saying: the early bird catches the worm or better yet, the swag bag. Let me just tell you, they don't skimp on their swag bags so I was super excited to see the goodies that was in store for me. Since I was soo early I had to wait a bit, but the wait was well worth it. As soon as the doors opened you could hear the music pumping, see the tasty treats, and all of the fabulous fashion. 

Besides the fashion, food, and fun what I enjoy most about the events at South Moon Under, is the sense of community. I have never gone to an event and not felt welcomed. From the time I entered, greeted with a friendly smile to the time I left, thanked for coming out. I also like the fact that they included other businesses in the area to join in on their event. This event was partnered with @NOVAhousewives and the businesses in attendance were First Impressions Salon (offering 1 min. makeup/braids) and XSport Fitness (checking BMI). 

couldn't pass up on the 20% discount that was offered sooo I got a little something something. I'm all about the accessories and who could pass on a Kate Spade journal (which was on sale might I add).

All in all I am happy that I made it out to the South Moon Under Party and can't wait for their next event.

Did you really think I was going to leave you hanging and not share what was in my swag bag? Lol, I couldn't get home quick enough to check it out but I am thoroughly surprised. 

I'm super stoked about the beauty blender. Since I hardly ever wear makeup it's something that I've skipped on my shopping list, and can't wait to try it as well as the cleanser. I also received a sample of Moroccanoil, teeny tiny notecards, a hair tie, and a candle in the prettiest scent ever (champagne rose). Thanks again South Moon Under, you've managed to throw a fantastic party, offer me an amazing discount, and make me smile with my swag bag!!!