Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wait, Who Doesn't Want A Discount?

One of my favorite words is discount, which is prettymuch synonymous with sale in my opinion. Just let it be known that your girl loves a sale or a discount, whatever you want to call reduced pricing (that’s not stolen lol)I am totally that person that receives a compliment and immediately states how much of a discount I received. Trust me; I am always excited about the items I’ve found on sale. Discounts and sales are the main reason why I can continue to shop at some of my favorite retailers. On Christmas, I was able to score a pair of Sam Edelman boots from Piperlime for less than $30 (with shipping). Want to know my secretson getting discounts? Keep reading and I’ll share my 3 tips on how you can get an amazing discount at almost any place you shop!

         1. Subscribe to the company’s e-mail listing
I always shake my head in disbelief when I offer the loyalty program at my job and customers don’t take it. I know it’s a personal choice but most loyalty programs/e-mail listings are absolutely free. I didn’t realize how protective people are about their e-mail addresses until I had to start asking for them in my line of workBy subscribing to the company’s e-mail, you get first dibs at discounts. There are honestly a few companies’ e-mails that I literally wake up and look forward to receiving. The boots I mentioned earlier was because of an e-mail that offered an additional 60% off of sale items. This past weekend, I was looking for a pair of black work pants and the store was advertising 30% off regular prices, but I knew that I could get them cheaperLuckily for me, Ichecked my e-mail and was able to get 50% off of 3 regular priced itemsBefore I pay full price for anything, I always check my e-mail to see if there’s an additional discount
If you are leery about providing your personal e-mail to retailers, create an e-mail account strictly for discounts so that your personal e-mail isn’t inundated. To make it easier use these fun e-mail address:
2. Follow Your Favorite Companies on Twitter/Instagram/Yelp
Because I love Yelp, I usually check-in anytime I visit a restaurant. You didn’t just think that discounts end with clothing did you? Often times checking into a restaurant deals pop up and you can choose to use it immediately or save it for later. One meal for $16 became two for $24, ever since then I always check in. also can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a flash sale by following companies on different social media platforms. There range anywhere from an additional percentage off to free shipping just by using a code that they only give out on Twitter/Instagram. Over the weekend I really wanted to check out this new donut spot in my neighborhood. Something told me to tweet and say that I was excited to finally try them. Because I’m a bit nosey, I read through their feed and saw that if you song a particular song you’d receive a free house donut. You know I got my free donutpictured on previous blog post)
3. Ask
I know you’re thinking, really, ask for a discount. I too thought in the same manner. But there is a good book that I’ve read that says ask and you shall receive, lol. Nonetheless, some companies aren’t allowed to advertise certain sales, if you don’t subscribe to their e-mails or follow them on social media, how else would you know. Even if there isn’t a sale or discount currently going on they may share offers that are coming down the pipeline.
Now that you have 3 easy ways to find and take advantage of a discount let me know what you’ve purchased.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pamper Me Sunday

Instead of watching the Super Bowl (while eating delicious buffalo chicken dip) I spent my evening pampering myself. Working two jobs is tiring at times, so I decided to just relax after work today. I even made a healthy dinner, although I would have preferred an assortment of appetizers. 

My pampering session started off with a nice lush bath. I ended up using Lord of Misrule which is a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. I was recommended it during the long Holiday hours I recently had in December. I must say, it did help to relax my aches a bit, and it turned the water my two favorite colors; pink and green!!! 

Afterwards, I decided to tackle my pores and did a Nose Pore Strip that I picked up from Forever 21. I've heard good things about Boscia Pore Purifying Black Strips but I decided to save some coins and go with a less expensive option. This product was pretty easy to use and after about 15 minutes I slowly pulled it off and saw that my pores were less noticeable and looked nice and clean. Don't sleep on Forever 21 beauty products!!! 

Since my part time job requires me to stand, I knew I had to take care of my feet. Last year I did a foot exfoliating mask which worked amazing by removing all of the dead skin from my feet and heels. Lord knows my heels were screaming for help lol. Can you believe that this foot mask also came from from Forever 21? I swear that section around the cash wrap gets me every time. This packaging was a bit different than the packaging I had last year, and so were the instructions. I hope the results end up being the same because my feet felt brand new!!! 

To finish up this pampering session, I tamed this mane of mine. I found a new moisturizer/styler that I think will become a staple of mine. I was actually shocked at how well it worked since my hair hates olive oil, but this here is a keeper!!! 

My pampering session ended up being a success. A night of relaxation, healthy dinner with a cute dessert, what more could a girl ask for...well there's always more lol. How did you all spend your Super Bowl Sunday?