Thursday, February 5, 2015

Wait, Who Doesn't Want A Discount?

One of my favorite words is discount, which is prettymuch synonymous with sale in my opinion. Just let it be known that your girl loves a sale or a discount, whatever you want to call reduced pricing (that’s not stolen lol)I am totally that person that receives a compliment and immediately states how much of a discount I received. Trust me; I am always excited about the items I’ve found on sale. Discounts and sales are the main reason why I can continue to shop at some of my favorite retailers. On Christmas, I was able to score a pair of Sam Edelman boots from Piperlime for less than $30 (with shipping). Want to know my secretson getting discounts? Keep reading and I’ll share my 3 tips on how you can get an amazing discount at almost any place you shop!

         1. Subscribe to the company’s e-mail listing
I always shake my head in disbelief when I offer the loyalty program at my job and customers don’t take it. I know it’s a personal choice but most loyalty programs/e-mail listings are absolutely free. I didn’t realize how protective people are about their e-mail addresses until I had to start asking for them in my line of workBy subscribing to the company’s e-mail, you get first dibs at discounts. There are honestly a few companies’ e-mails that I literally wake up and look forward to receiving. The boots I mentioned earlier was because of an e-mail that offered an additional 60% off of sale items. This past weekend, I was looking for a pair of black work pants and the store was advertising 30% off regular prices, but I knew that I could get them cheaperLuckily for me, Ichecked my e-mail and was able to get 50% off of 3 regular priced itemsBefore I pay full price for anything, I always check my e-mail to see if there’s an additional discount
If you are leery about providing your personal e-mail to retailers, create an e-mail account strictly for discounts so that your personal e-mail isn’t inundated. To make it easier use these fun e-mail address:
2. Follow Your Favorite Companies on Twitter/Instagram/Yelp
Because I love Yelp, I usually check-in anytime I visit a restaurant. You didn’t just think that discounts end with clothing did you? Often times checking into a restaurant deals pop up and you can choose to use it immediately or save it for later. One meal for $16 became two for $24, ever since then I always check in. also can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a flash sale by following companies on different social media platforms. There range anywhere from an additional percentage off to free shipping just by using a code that they only give out on Twitter/Instagram. Over the weekend I really wanted to check out this new donut spot in my neighborhood. Something told me to tweet and say that I was excited to finally try them. Because I’m a bit nosey, I read through their feed and saw that if you song a particular song you’d receive a free house donut. You know I got my free donutpictured on previous blog post)
3. Ask
I know you’re thinking, really, ask for a discount. I too thought in the same manner. But there is a good book that I’ve read that says ask and you shall receive, lol. Nonetheless, some companies aren’t allowed to advertise certain sales, if you don’t subscribe to their e-mails or follow them on social media, how else would you know. Even if there isn’t a sale or discount currently going on they may share offers that are coming down the pipeline.
Now that you have 3 easy ways to find and take advantage of a discount let me know what you’ve purchased.

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