Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year

So we're 10 days into the New Year and what a better time to role out my Goals, not resolutions. I actually came up with them on the 1st, but as you know Mr. Procrastination got the best of me!!! I think I came up with a very good list, I'm over that hump (25) and have got to start thinking about my future. So here they go (in no particular order): 

*Have a Relationship- I'm getting a little older and the biological clock is beginning to tick, so I need to date with a purpose. I think I'm ready to take the guard down and have a meaningful relationship with someone, a relationship with the ability to grow into more.

*Stop cursing/cussing- Enough said... I  really, really, tried but I can't imagine not using my favorite words or phrases. I think I'll try to say them less frequently unless its just pure fuckery, LOL!!!

*Start a career- Since college I've merely had jobs, in a nutshell working to pay the bills but no real interest. I should be teaching (I've dedicated a post to this) ... something, or a maybe a trainer for a company. I need the ability to have variety, color, and especially PAID TIME OFF, I'm talking summers!!!

*Become active in my Sorority- I really, really, miss this... SISTERHOOD IS ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA. I will take all of the steps to become active, meet sorors in my area, and become more involved in community service.

*Become HAPPIER in general- learning NOT TO SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. Time brings about change, and change brings about growth.

*Get magazine subscriptions- I spend way too much money buying off the stands, I've given myself a limit of 5 subscriptions. Anything that doesn't arrive by mail, I will have to read in the bookstore or at the nail shop.

*Read a book each month- I love reading and I have soooo many books I've yet to complete. So maybe I can tackle one a month and do some type of review.

*Get out- Become more comfortable with the area as well as my surroundings and do more. Find the social butterfly I left in Ga. 

*Get my credit in check- SELF EXPLANATORY

*Find a church I can grow in- I think this is one of my main reasons for not being happy in Va. I need to find a church I enjoy and can grow in.