Friday, November 4, 2011

It's My AKAversary

This pic was taken the day after we came out Fall '01

Today is officially my AKAversary, for those of you that don't know, it means I have been in my sorority for 10 years today!!! It seemed just like yesterday I was pulling a flier off the door in regard to Rush. I honestly never thought I'd be an AKA. It was kinda the furthest thing from my mind. I do remember everyone saying 'do your research' however, I was a Delta teen all throughout high school so that was kinda embedded until I saw they didn't represent me. All in all I know my choice was the BEST fit for me.

Last weekend we celebrated at our Homecoming festivities by having a charity event at a candy store as well as dining out together and performing a small stroll. Being back at my Alma Mater brought back sooo many memories that were made along with AKA. I always joke and say I was an AKA for most of my collegiate tenure, seeing as though I crossed my sophomore year. I hope that I can make another 10 years (active) and continue to service all mankind, cause it-is-a-serious-matter!!!

I know many of you have had questions on sorority life (mainly from my YouTube page) and I've addressed them personally; but if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Like Your Office

Jeans- Ross
Shoes- Target
Headband- F21

'I like your office' is what the woman said to me as she got on the elevator, after looking me up and down. I thought for sure she said I like your outfit because her accent was super strong. Or maybe that's what I wanted her to say lol, not that I had on anything worth talking about. But I did have this super comfy fall chilled look going on.

Another challenge that I've had in regard to posting outfits is that I usually just wake up and throw on whatever. Whatever, meaning, shaking it, smoothing it out and leaving. Let's just say that the place I go to on a daily has had my enthusiasm down for quite sometime now (another story, I digress). I guess there is a parallel between the mystery elavator woman liking my office as well as my outfit since I can wear jeans to work.

Button Down- H&M
Vest- Wet Seal
Bow Earrings- F21

You all will see in several post going forward that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bows!!! The handbag was a spur of the moment post this week. Honestly, I'm super broke but I couldn't pass it up, especially when it was only $19.99. I love the fact that its BIG and slouchy with metal groments, and the drawstring closure gives it a throwback feel.

Guess Bag- Rugged Warehouse
Pics by Reggie

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Red Chasing a Fox IDK

Bracelets- Juicy Couture
Necklace- F21
Ring- Avon
Blazer and Blouse- Thrifted

A couple of months ago I joined Capfabb which is a group of fashion bloggers in DC. As I've stated before I like to think of my blog as a lifestyle blog. Although the name basically represents pieces of fashion, I like to write about several different topics as well as vent. To be honest, I spend several hours stalking fashion blogs, you can find them all throughout my favorites, as well as a listed in my planner so that I don't lose any of you lol!!! I am a bit apprehensive because its something new, I don't have a 'set' photographer, and will I really fit in?

Oh well, today I am going to start moving in another direction and actually adding a few OOTD (Outfit of The Day) and whatever else that I deem fashion related to my blog. I guess I'll learn as I go. I'm actually excited to take advantage of some of the fashion challenges and creating new looks from what I already have. If you all subscribe to me on YouTube then you already know what I mean.


Brooch- Macys

Photos by Reggie

So I have a lot to work on when it comes to posing (super corny), but I think I'll get there soon enough lol. The title is as random as it comes. I was speaking to a co-worker (Leslie) and after she saw the pics this is what she thought I should name it lol, IDK.