Monday, April 21, 2008

That 70s Show... featuring ME!!!

I'm up at 3 in the morning watching Claudine from my favorite decade... The 70s!!! Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE the 70s.

                                                                Why I LOVE the 70s? 

Fashion- The 70s is the era that has us on a fashion frenzy. Psychedelic patterns, bell bottoms, platforms, dashikis, and sooo much more.

Cars- Cars were built to last and were super spacious. I can not resist an 'ole school car.

Culture- It just seemed like everyone was doing their own thing or doing it together and getting along. Everyone had a good time with what they had, no matter how poor you were. Some of the coolest slang was birthed during this era... Jive Turkey, Sucka, and Groovy. Pimps... need I say more!!!

Music- You had Solid Gold Classics, Woodstock, and Disco... just music that made you feel good (baby making)!!! 

Movies- The Mac, Claudine, Cooley High, Sugar Hill, Superfly, Dolemite... too many to name!!!

Goodtimes- You all should know this is my ish!!! I still long to be Thelma or at least shop in her closet. She was one poor fly chic. F.Y.I- Ester Rolle fought for there to be a live-in father included.

The Afro- Everyone had one... need I say more!!!

That's me looking all 70 ish, reminiscent of Thelma Evans  LOL (excuse the boxes I just moved in). What is/was your favorite decade? Did I forget something from the era? I know, drugs... not into that though LOL (it existed in every decade).

Here's My Addiction...


The other day I was talking to a friend and he asked if I liked magazines (you know, one of those getting-to-know-you type of questions). And I was like I'm totally addicted to them.

I don't know if its the shiny pages, the coupons inside, or just the fact that a new one comes out every month!!! I believe my grandma actually sparked my interest in them as she did her children. Growing up with a teacher in the house, books are everywhere, in my case there were both... many books and many magazines. Even as a child I had had my own personal subscriptions. To this day I still don't know how many magazines my grandma actually gets. It seems like whenever I'm home there's always a new subscription to something different. And because my grandma is sooo cool she even comes up with excuses like "Ya'll like to read that, so I ordered it" (the best).  

Back to me and my addiction. Although I grew up around subscriptions, I'm the dumb chic who spends roughly $25 a month on my favorite magazines, that is until my cousin pulled my card (Pam). I know its dumb, but something about seeing them on the shelf/stand makes me just wanna buy them!!! Since my cousin called me out, I now subscribe to Cosmogirl, Seventeen, Lucky, Nylon, and People Style. Yes, I still keep up with my teen magazines (they have all the cool up-to-date clothing sites). On the other hand I still shop off the stand for a few like...

Essence- I make a point to get this at a store it gives me that liberated feeling like... I-Am-A-Black-Woman-And-This-My-Magazine!!!

Glamour- I have no excuse not to subscribe to this one. To me its an all around magazine. Not too much sex, fashion tips, or real life stories... just enough. B.T.W I still had them on my sh*t list for the comment/forum (whatever it was) on afros in the workplace.

Cosmopolitan- I used to be sooo in love with this magazine. Now I realize its just way too many "new" sexual positions included monthly. I think this is the in between magazine... Not a Girl Not quite a Woman (you need that in college).

Marie Claire- I only buy this when I've pretty much bought everything else. Its a bit boring to me... just Blah!!!

Fitness- O.K I'll be real I usually only buy this from the Dollar Tree (yes they sell it there) there are really cute topics and important health information. 

Elle- I know people swear by this one, but I buy it sparingly. Truly I can't afford nothing in there... at least not the stuff I want (my eye's go to the most expensive things... always... got it from my mama... good taste).

Jet- The size of this speaks for itself, just like a "minute man" and its over!!! I only pick this one up if there's someone I really like on the cover and I usually read it in the... you-know-where!!!

Upscale- I get this every-now-and-then, however it usually has interesting topics.

Today's Black Woman- I almost hate this magazine. Why? It is forever reporting about "cheating, finding a good man". It is the bible for... who's doing it, how to do it, and how to find out if and why they're doing it and etc. I just don't think it totally represents "Me today, as a Black Woman" in every aspect. I ONLY get it if someone I like is on the cover.  

The funny thing is... I'm so addicted that my cousin gets one of the magazines I buy off the stand and I still HAVE to buy it for myself. Its like I'm a fein and I have to get my fix monthly. I know I'm not the only one addicted to magazines... Which are your favorites and least favorites. Also, if you know of any other good ones I didn't mention let me know.