Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ain't no 'Shucking' Around

So if you all know me like that then you know that in the future I aspire to be a great cook!!! I want to be the parent that my future kids' friends talk about. You know like I want to go over Mrs. (whatever my future last name will be) house, cause they know I keep the good food. I want to be the type that can throw a great dinner party and not have anything catered. I'm almost secretly obsessed with cooking good. I am forever looking at new recipes that I want to try and I subscribed to Woman's Day because they have the bomb recipes and tips!!! So I guess for starters you'd say that I'd have to cook more. Well there are about maybe a strong 5 recipes that I have perfected (meaning I can make them without the recipe sheet). I am trying, slowly but sure to incorporate a few more. My cousin Pam says that I need to have a staple meal that tastes extra good just in case I need to cook for that special someone (who ever that may be).

So you may be asking how did a girl from the South miss the cooking trait. Well I guess I can say in regards to the kitchen I was a bit spoiled. I really wasn't made to cook anything. Funny thing is ALL of my younger cousins are beast in the kitchen like literally. I usually ask my cousin KK to whip me up something when I see her and lucky for me... SHE DOES (thanks girl)!!! I think sublimely I NEVER wanted to be that wife or girlfriend that did ALL of the cooking. Me and my high school sweetheart would cook together on the George Foreman Grill, well to some that isn't cooking (hey, it worked for us). I remember my first serious relationship in college I tried to make my boyfriend his favorite meal, cubed steak gravy and rice. Let's just say I failed miserably... it tasted like dirt (do not act like you don't know what dirt taste like). Fortunately for me in my next relationship my boyfriend would cook for me!!! I actually got used to that and kinda put in my mind that knowing how to cook would be a specific that I required (how you doin)!!!

Now I know that I won't be spoiled in the kitchen (especially being single) and I am willing to compromise. What I meant by not being the standard wife that cooks is in my perfect head and world I like the cooking to be a shared responsibility between me and my partner. I wouldn't want neither of us to feel burned out.

So on a quest to improve my own cooking habits I've started with some kool tools that would help. One of my co-workers sells pampered chefs. So as I was browsing the catalogue and desperately searching for anything to buy, I found a Kernel Cutter.

Now one meal that I've mastered without a recipe is Fried Corn. I even recorded a video that had me preparing it. Anyone that cooks fresh fried corn knows that it is a hassle cutting the corn with a knife directly off the cob. Last night the tool below saved me sooo much time. I mean it was simply a breeze and easy to use.

Look at how closely the corn was cut to the cob. To me that's the best way to get the corn so that you can also have a little 'milk'. Let's just say that the results were beautiful.

This is how the corn came off the cob. I had 9 ears ad it took me about 10 mins. I've never finished shucking con in that record amount of time!!!

I think from now on slowly but surely I'll be purchasing items from Pampered Chef to jump start my new found cooking habit LoL!!! I've already placed a new order so I'll be sure to keep you abreast of any new recipes!!!