Saturday, December 13, 2014

Interesting Day...

Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas isn't a season, it's a feeling

have been trying my hardest to blog this month but haven't been able to. I literally haven't had a day off since Thanksgiving. I really can't believe that Christmas is right around the corner. I mean it was just January. I always say I'm going to prepare for Christmas ahead of time but my Christmas tree just went up and I still have sooo many presents to get and ship. I will try my best to blog over the next 12 days, but for now here are a few holiday pics that have made me smile!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving holiday. Although my post is a bit late, I am reminded of sooo many things to be thankful for:
-life & health
-full-time job
-God's grace

This year, I decided to spend thanksgiving a bit differently. My family in the area was gone and I didn't really feel like sharing Thanksgiving with someone else's family (it would just make me miss my family in Ga.). NOTE TO SELF: THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME I SPEND THANKSGIVING IN VA. AWAY FROM MY GA. FAMILY. 

I digress. 

Luckily I was able to eat at a restaurant with a friend and celebrate the holiday our way. Initially I was going to have their traditional turkey/ham dinner but I decided on something different. Everyday is a day of Thanksgiving so I didn't have to have a meal that symbolized the tradition. Instead I had quite the opposite, burger and fries (with a blood orange sangria).

I can't lie, I was really really missing the dressing and a piece of good ole sweet potato pie. But honestly this meal hit the spot and filled me up.How did you all spend your holiday and what was your favorite part of dinner? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Food Truck Tuesday...

Since I was unable to make it to Target for Target Tuesday, I can actually deem this day as another segment day. Hence the title Food Truck Tuesday. That really wasn’t hard to think of since my company actually has a different food truck each Tuesday for us to choose from. Now that’s what I call a perk!!! Nonetheless, my lifestyle blog will be transforming into more food and lifestyle, so be on the lookout for more food post.

Over the weekend I did a lot of meal planning, I broke everything down by what to buy as well as what day/time I'd eat the meal. Yes, your girl is trying to get it right get it tight. But keep in mind I am still a certified foodie!!! While meal planning I was sure to leave Tuesday's lunch open because I knew for a fact that is be at the food truck today. This would be the first time that we'd have a BBQ themed food truck. I checked my calendar as soon as I got in and it was full of meetings; so I thought of the next best thing.... ask someone to pick up my order. Honestly, that was like a last resort type of thought. I'm the type that relishes in the novelty of the food truck. I really need to experience the design, the service, and of course the cleanliness. The food Gods must have been looking out since one of my meetings ended early!!!

I made it out to SloppyMamas food truck and watched as they added items to the menu. I'd already done my homework, so I kinda knew what I wanted. I went back and forth between the brisket plate (which came with two sides) and the brisket sandwich. I knew for sure it had to be brisket and that it had to be the moist cut instead of the lean cut. I ended up choosing the sandwich to keep my lunch budget down, but of course there were add ons. I added the coleslaw that everyone raved about online as well as the bacon jam. I am sooo happy that I did. The meat was sooo moist and the coleslaw had pieces of pickles inside and was bursting with flavor!!! I made a great choice of skipping out on my meal planned lunch. 

Disregard the fact that I drowned my bread with BBQ sauce!!!

In case you're wondering some of the other meals I've enjoyed from Food Truck Tuesday keep salivating and look below.

This was my first time having a Vietnamiese sandwich (Bánh Mi) from @Phowheels the only thing missing was a fried egg to. The flavors from this sandwich was everything.

This was also a first time sandwich. A Cuban from @borinquenlunchb the crisp outside yet softness of this bread was perfection. And the mustard-pickle-pork blend was EVERYTHING (I actually had it twice I'm on week). 

Since food trucks have basically started to take over the food market, which food truck is your favorite and why? 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

On Thursdays We Thrift... Edition I

Look at all of those patterns!!!

Can you believe that there was once a time that I was embarrassed to actually go thrifting. Yes, that was me. I honestly couldn't understand why my mom shopped at thrift stores when I was a child. It was very weird for me because my mom would literally get a designer handbag (Dooney & Bourke) every other weekend from Mansours. I can't remember when the actual switch occurred and I began LOVING thrifting, but I'm sooo happy it did. And I'm also happy that I was taught by one of the greatest thrifters in my opinion, my mom. Flash forward a few years and one of the first things I look for (besides a Target) is a thrift store.

Unique was one of the first thrift stores that people raved about when I moved to Virginia. I went the first time and absolutely hated it. I visited a few more times and still hated it. I'm honestly in awe that Unique is moving into my top 3 thrift stores. I honestly visit every Thursday on my lunch break because on Thursdays they have 25% off. And if I feel like I wasn't able to search as thoroughly as I'd like to, I go back after work and give it another go. I actually was able to teach my friend how to thrift and she picked up a few cute pieces too. I'll try my best to update you all on my thrift finds. If you're in the Virginia area, let me know your favorite place to thrift. And check out some of the awesome things I picked up!!!
This Talbots skirt is perfect for the fall. What color top would you wear? $7.99
I knew immediately knew that this Banana Republic shirt had to come home with me!!! $6.99
I love the dual design as well as the duel texture of this shirt.

You can never go wrong with a plain black shirt, get this, it's a Target brand shirt!!! $3.99
I was sooo happy when I found this leopard print maxi skirt!!!

What is that, velvet?  $5.99
Another cute skirt for work, since its blue & white I need some color to make it pop.  $7.99
I love the color of this shirt, but hate how this pic makes my head look sooo swole lol!!!

I LOVE finding designer deals, that's exactly what this Michael Kors skirt was. $5.99

I can't wait to wear this vintage top with a pair of tights and combat boots. $4.99

This vintage silk blouse is sooo soft!!!
Deciding on which clutch to choose...
She did sooo well on her first thrift trip!!!

Yes everything behind me, came home with me today!!!
 Again, all of the items purchased were an additional 25% off and guess what? On Veteran's day Unique is offering 50% off of everything. I. Will. Be. There.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

On Tuesdays We Target...Edition I

One of my absolute favorite past times is walking around Target. It doesn't matter what you need or what neighborhood you're in you can almost certainly find a Target. My love for target is endless, Target was actually the first real job offered to me a few weeks before graduation (I declined but often wonder how my life would have been with that experience). I honestly visit Target a minimum of 3 times a week, it's like I'm a magnet and instantly drawn to them. I have several locations near me since I live in a metro area and always know that if I don't find something in my local Target, I can go down the road a bit and find it. I remember when Target first arrived in my hometown in Ga. it was such a magical experience. Yes I'm describing it as magical. They set us up for like a year and teased us with several commercials before actually opening up. I remember it being a one-stop shop; and with the additions of full grocery stores, they have definitely lived up to it. So you see... My love for Target is, has been, and will always be an endless magical experience whenever I step foot inside (even if that is 3 times a week, lol). Going forward this will be a reoccurring segment, showing you what actually interested me in Target and how I'm able to turn deals with target cartwheel.

Take a look at a few things I saw on my journey today:

This smelled sooo good. I'm more of a Bath and Body Works candle type of girl but I also like this brand. Please know that this will be coming home with me at a later date.

I'm honestly not sure how this didn't jump in my basket. Can you see the $2.38 price tag, that's what you call a deal. 

Awesome, awesome holiday gifts for a reasonable price. There are 4 different color shemes with cute sayings which include a ring holder, photo frame, decorative tray, vase, and coasters. This would be the perfect secret Santa gift, thank me later.

I absolutely live for novelty items and I'm not sure which one is my fav but I will be picking up a few since I'll be hosting a Ugly Christmas Sweater party next month.

Being from the South I am beyond obsessed with monogrammed items. This would also be a great secret Santa gift!

I love seeing the red tags in Target because you know that's code for discounts!!! I should have grabbed the flesh colored polish but no worries, I'll be back in Friday!!!

How awesome is this coat with all of its intricate detailing. I'm in need of a winter coat but all of this cuteness doesn't justify the price nor the fact that the actual warm factor is missing. That makes me sad but hopefully I'll be able to grab it a bit later when it gets a red tag. 

That's it for me. Did any of you stop in Target this week, am I missing something? Let me know what you purchased below in the comment section.

Monday, September 29, 2014

The Limited and Scandal...

If you follow me on twitter then you know how much I love Scandal. I have been a fan since day 1 and have often altered my schedule so that I didn't miss an episode. If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that last night I attended A Limited Engagement hosted by blogger Keri Henderson. The event was held at The Limited in Pentagon City and boy did they have all of the fashion and sales in tow. Their window was beautiful and really displayed the essence of Olivia Pope's fashion sense. The fact that Olivia's costume designer and head of design teamed up to create an affordable line inspired by her amazing style on the show is amazing!!! Please stay tuned to the show each Thursday at 9 because Ms. Pope will be wearing a few of the items in the collection here and there. Honestly, the only thing that would have made this event better is if we were greeted with a big glass of red wine upon entering (wishful thinking).

I am digging this window

Ms. Pope is a bad mutha shut your mouth... she even has a line inspired by her
The table was beautiful
As soon as you enter the store you are welcomed by everything that is Scandal; that is, in terms of fashion. This event was key for me because I am desperately in need of work clothes. I usually wear jeans daily. I dress how I feel and in terms of going to the 40, my feelings aren't that great (send a prayer up for me). Luckily, The Limited had 40% off of all of their regular priced items and they were giving us an additional 15% off for attending. Now you know that was a win win for your girl!!!

Keri also put on a fashion show which showed off her amazing styling abilities and gave us different ways to wear pieces throughout the store. She showed us how to wear white during the fall, how to mix prints, and how to be fashionable at work. There were giveaways throughout the night for additional discounts and tickets to see the new Zane movie Addicted.

All of the lovely fashion show participants

Although the discount wasn't offered on the Scandal line, I shopped enough and earned several coupons that I can use on my next visit. Here are a couple of pieces that I need in my closet soon.

I gotta have that dress!!! Olivia actually wore the cream sweater already on the show.  
This dress came home with me
Have you all had a chance to check out The Limited's Scandal collection? What are you waiting for? If you can't be an actual gladiator, you may as well dress as one!!! I'll be back in a later post to actually share the pieces I picked up.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Life You Want DC

We had an awesome view from our fully stocked suite
I'm about a week late in regard to posting about one of my 2014 highlights. To be honest with you, I am still basking in joy and excitement from attending Oprah's The Life You Want Tour. When my roomie said that she was going I nearly begged her for a ticket (yes Aunt Oprah is that serious). I'd seen Living Social deals for the tour but I'm totally not sure why I didn't make arrangements to attend.

Next year I want to go VIP or better yet have a media pass #ClaimingIt

Nonetheless, God was looking out for your girl. I was originally going on Friday only because I had to work. However, after attending Friday night I just knew that I had to find a way to be there for Saturday. Lucky for me, my roomies friend decided not to go so that meant I'd be able to get her ticket. The only thing I had to do was ask (at the last minute) if I could take the day off. I was super stoked when my manager said it would be ok for me to do so!!!

DJ Kiss had us rocking the entire weekend

Can I just tell you that Oprah and her staff totally transformed the Verizon Center to an Oprah Oasis. Everywhere you looked was Oprah. Friday night started off with Oprah's introduction and what we'd expect from the weekend events. She also giving us a run down of her life, both highs and lows. I honestly just saw Oprah for who she was no fame or celebrity status. She was real, raw and honest; and let me tell ya she had a great sense of humor!!! She believed that she could accomplish everything that she set out to do. You could honestly feel the good ju-ju in the building the place reeked of positive vibes. There were mostly women but also a few men who were there to get the life they wanted to. What I took away from Oprah was:

1. There's always a second chance as long as you're breathing.
2. Failure is life trying to push you in a new direction.
3.  Contentment happens when you are doing what you are designed to do.

As you can see she had some very powerful words which stung me with a newfound belief in myself.

 Saturday's session started with author Mark Nepo (The Book of Awakening). Next up was Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat, Pray, Love. Pastor Rob Bell followed her and by the end of his speech I totally thought they were going to open the doors of the Verizon Center. Now this weekend was 'spiritually' based but please understand that there was a Jesus undertone the entire time. The last keynote speaker was my personal favorite the Iyanla Vanzant. When I say that all of the speakers were AMAZING that's a total understatement. I learned sooo many things about my life currently as well as how I'd like my life to be and the steps that I need to take within myself to get there.

Here are just a few nuggets of info that may help some of you (it sure helped me):

1. God had the power to see beyond what you see.
2. Give yourself the love that you wish for others.
3. When you want something all of the universe aspires for you to get it.
4. Your eyes will adjust to the level of deficiency present.
5. Life will teach you through its #1 teacher; a relationship.

I cannot say how much I enjoyed myself. There were happy times, tears of joy and sadness, as well as hundreds of positive vibes. If Oprah's The Life You Want Tour is coming anywhere near you, you should definitely run out and get a ticket, it is sooo worth it. During the tour someone spoke about life whispering to you; the exact next day I had a life whisper which put everything into perspective and let me know that I was at the right place at the right time.

I can't wait to wear my Peace, Love, Oprah shirt!!!

Feeling the power the entire weekend!!!

That time when I almost met Gail...

If you attended The Life You Want Tour, what did you take away from it?

My tweet was posted but I was sooo excited that my pic came out blurry

Anytime is the right time to represent #SkeeWee

Friday, September 26, 2014

Shecky's DC

A few weekends ago I attended Sheckys Girls Night Out in DC. I attended Girls Night Out in the past but somehow I missed the last two years. When I saw that the site was offering discounted tickets with goodie bags I quickly snatched it up. You all know how I feel about a goody bag!!! If you all aren’t familiar with Girls Night Out, it’s an event where you can discover unique designers, sip on a few cocktails, and get pampered. Definitely check out their site and see when they are coming to a city near you.

My highlight of the event was definitely stopping at the Stella & Dot table as well as the alcohol infused cupcakes. If I never told you how much I love Stella & Dot, let me just tell you now. I absolutely love them!!! They have sooo many pieces of jewelry that I’d like to add to my personal collection. The stylist was named Kristin like me (I am super obsessed with my name), so I knew she was going to be good people!!! I get super stoked when I meet people named Kristin and we could probably be friends if it’s spelled the same way as mine. I digress. If you’re interested in some new pieces be sure to check Kristin out here. And stay tuned to the blog because there just may be a giveaway soon!!!
Hey Kristin!!!

Look at these beauties...

I have got to get an engraved necklace soon!!!
 As a foodie you know I couldn’t go to an event and not eat something. To my surprise there was a woman there selling her alcohol infused cupcakes. I.Could.Not.Resist. I even went back for another cupcake, no shame in my game. Honestly, these were sooo good I just may have to order a few for my Walking Dead party. I had the red velvet moscato flavor and my friend had the pina colado which she enjoyed very much.

What I love about these events is that upcoming artist has a chance to showcase and sell their work. This young lady made bags out of Philadelphia, if you are interested definitely take a look at her site and order you one.

These bags are sooo cute

Blogger Jonna  and I

Have you ever attended Shecky's? Who was your favorite vendor?