Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Official!!!

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Sooo It's official, I'm ready to start dating. I haven't gone on one single date since Uncle Rukus (the preferred name for my ex) and I ended our relationship. I remember after we first broke up I didn't even want to look at another guy, they all just disgusted me. I'd go to the gym and try my bestest (yes bestest) not to make eye contact with someone of the opposite sex. Welp, let's just say things have changed. I have a very flirtatious personality, and it has been peeping its head out a little too often. I had a guy at Marshall's thinking that I wanted to walk him home (totally not what I was implying, simply wanted his opinion). Most of my friends are casually dating and I think (kinda sorta not sure) that I'm ready for the challenge. Note, that I used the word think. Honestly, I've fallen back into the habits of the old single nonchalant Kristin. That basically means I'm concerned with me, I only have time for me, and I can kinda do without the (sometime) annoyance of being attached at the hip to someone else. Like, I look back and think, I really spent a lot of time with that dude and kinda neglected things that were important to me, for things that I thought were important to us. So this time around I'm doing me... if and only if I have time, I'll make an exception to hang out, other than that I'm not pressed to have a free meal or free adventure with someone that I'm not feeling conversationally or physically. 

Here's the kicker... I joined an online dating site. I can't remember if I stated on this blog that I wouldn't go that route again or not, but its the route that I've taken. I won't lie, these first few minutes have been entertaining to say the least, but after a while it became a bit overwhelming. The site I joined is a free site and my friend warned and encouraged (at-the-same-damn-time) that I'd get some jerks but there may just be a needle in the haystack. I'm not sure if I'll give you guys a play by play (if any one's reading) of what's happening, but I may chime in a bit. So far I have met a few thirsty mofo's, they're like 'I hit you up but you never said anything'. My thoughts are maybe you're not attractive or maybe your screen name is pushingmylovedeepinsideyou or maybe, just maybe, I'm busy.   I swear to you all, I hate the dating phase, you know, the what's-your-favorite-color-what-do-you-do-do-you-have-any-kids type of conversations. In a perfect world I'd like to have a face-to-face interview with the non-psycho (cause we all know guys say their exes were psycho) ex girlfriend and see what dude is really about; that would definitely save time and maybe heartache as well.

Who knows, I may just meet the prototype of my future husband who will become my future baby daddy (had to do that for the ratchets)!!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012

Roadtrip: Richmond

A few things I picked up.

This past weekend, I got a chance to take a road trip to Richmond, Va. For some unknown reason the city truly intrigues me (trust me, I don't know why). When I saw that Kinky Keenya was hosting Return of The Curls, I knew that would be the perfect reason to have a road trip, however, I didn't know if I had the time off from my side hustle. Luckily I did, so I asked a friend if she'd like to take the journey with me and she was game.

Let me just say whenever I'm taking a trip or visiting a friend, I go straight into planner mode, I guess its the analyst in me. I went directly to to start my research. There were quite a few places that I won't visit although I didn't get a chance for all, but they are on my mental Richmond to do list. I can't lie, I kinda go a little overboard with getting things just right so that my (high) expectations are met. Honestly, when I go on a trip/vacay, my inner Rachel-Ray-$40-A-Day comes to surface, I am indeed a BIG foodie. But second are my living arrangements. For me life is all about the experience, right? Since I was sharing a room with someone, I wanted to make sure that it was budget conscience.  I mean, I searched and searched, read review after review and was unable to simply choose a hotel. I ended up making myself frustrated and simply chose one of the unpublished hotels. I got the hotel at a discounted rate and paid before I actually knew which one, luckily for us it was 4 star, so that was kool. We ended up getting the Omni.

The trip down to Richmond wasn't as bad as I thought, I can not drive long distances and I took my car. On the way there, I saw sooo many small restaurant chains and stores that reminded me of my small town (Waffle House, Shoe Shoe). We arrived at the room and it really was nice, well the foyer. I've seen better rooms, but hey it worked for the night. We ended up going to the event and staying for all of about an hour. Had we known the fashion show would be later we would have arrived later. The main company ( that I was interested in didn't even product to sale. Epic Fail. There were a few of other well known brands in the building such as Karens Body Beautiful. And there were a few vendors that had t-shirts, jewelry, and other handmade items for sale. My friend and I ended up buying a pair of African earrings. I also saw a few subscribers (well mostly my friends subbies, lol). Funny thing is, I always play the role of not being on YT, trips me out when I tell subbies and they actually believe me.

After our short stay at the Expo, we decided to get a lil bit of shopping on. I read that Short Pump mall was pretty hawt. I guess the portion that I omitted reading was that it's actually a town center and not an actual mall. It wouldn't have been a problem if we weren't getting a preview of what hell felt like that day lol. I mean it was super hot and the whole town center, walk-outside-from-store-to-store concept just ruined it for me. Next up was time for a bit to eat so we stopped at a place that I'd bookmarked earlier called deLux. The pictures on the website made the restaurant/bar seem more interesting. However, the reviews I read on the food were on point. As an appetizer we ordered the salt & pepper calamari (just to spill the beans, I am having a secret love affair with calamari right now and could eat it everyday).

Although there were other venues, I'd like to visit, we left after stopping by one of the local favorite eateries, Peraly's. The food was all that and then some. I swear their salmon patties taste identical to mine. This restaurant reminded me of my grandma old house. The decor was very quirky and we had the BEST waiters (probably in town). Did any of you all attend Return of Curls? Also, if you live in Richmond, let me know where  the locals hang.

A piece of the hotel, salt & pepper calamarie, and breakfast

I kept being asked if I were part of the Fashion Show (nope, just fashionable).

For the record I had on pants not tights, lol!!!

I'm like WTF