Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who Watched The BET Awards???

At first I wasn't going to watch the BET awards because D.L Hughley was hosting and he is sooo not funny to me, luckily he isn't getting that much time (yea-ah). So below is my minute by minute review if ya missed it.

"Mr. Grown Man" himself, Usher  kicked the show off and it was a pretty good performance, I'm sure more will follow and the intensity and hype level will increase!!! 

Young Jeezy and Kanye West took the stage and was so-so. Tip to Mr. West: Let T-Pain do T-Pain... PLEASE, that computer-love-techno-synthesis was sooo...OFF!!!

Now you all know it made my day to see my #1 hood family Neffie and Frankie on the award show... HOLLA!!! Neffie's dress was hawt yet a bit too small!!! Now ya'll know I love me some Keyshia Cole, but she is sooo not a live singer, I mean off pitch, out of tune, and excedera excedera. It was very entertaining to see Lil Kim pop out though!!! 

Is Neo ever gonna stop imitating MJ? However, his "Stomp The Yard/"Diamond" from player's Club" routine was hawt, he even included the church mimers!!! I may break down and buy his cd.

I absolutely LOVED Ashanti's dress... too cute!!!

Alicia Keyes did her THANG!!! I may just become a fan after all, I think I'm the only one that's not a fan. No lie, A. Keyes does put on a damn good live performance, I can't even hate!!! Then she always pays respect to those that paved the way, SWV, EnVogue, and TLC.

When the BIGGEST BOSS that I seen thus far (ROSS) stepped on stage, it was all over for ya girl!!! I love me some Ross, that's one big dude that can get it (male boobs, stomach and all)!!! The SOUTH totally REPRESENTED, Big Boi, OMG!!! I am sooo missing Ga. and the panhandle right now, then popped out Luda... BET is doing it BIG tonight!!! Can you feel the happiness in my keystrokes!!!

                            IS HIP-HOP DEAD? I THINK NOT!!!

BET never ceases to amaze me... after all of the foul and fornicative (is that a word) language/sexy dance moves, who do you bring out next? Marvin Sapp, of course, complete with a choir and a choir director that mirrored an angel. What would have really took the cake, is if Lil Weezy would have popped out with... the remix baby (LOL, forgive me)!!!  Marvin Sapp even included a picture of our future President and First Lady. This is why I love BLACK people, we can always stop and give an intermission for Jesus!!! Was it me, or did you also see that Marvin Sapp was iced out?

My CRUSH Chris Brown, along with Ciara really did their thang on the dancing tip, Ciara was putting it on him. Mtv's ANBDT Contestants have to really step their game up, to get on "they" level!!!

OMG, I didn't know there was an "Rev. Al Green St.", imagine giving that as your address, things that make you go... hmmmnn!!! I am sooo loving the Al Green portion, its making me wanna throw on all white, step in the name of love, and get my Saturday morning clean up on!!! Wow, Anthony Hamilton looked like he smelled good, he even had the open shirt minus the pubic chest hair, kudos. Then Maxwell walked up... slowly, looking and sounding good, please give us another album...soon!!! Damn, he even did a MJ spin and crotch grab, Maxwell is really putting himself back in the game with this performance!!! Don't you think Cedrick the Entertainer could be a descendent of Al Green? Even the rappers were up grooving with Al Green, he just took us from Hoppo's jook joint back to church, the doors are now open, give me your hand and the Lawd your heart!!! 

Is that a "leather in the summertime suit" that Terrance is wearing? Three words WTF!!!

Is that Ms. Cita on stage with Weezy (not a real fan if you don't know Ms. Cita)? I told you Lil Wayne should have been on the Never Would Have Made It remix, because "without God we are nothing"!!!

Even my girl crush Rhianna sounded better than Keyshia Cole and we all know the deal on that. Can you believe I don't have the re-released album, I definitely have to go get that because I did bootleg the first one... I know that's bad, but I no longer bootleg since I got my Mac (scared im'ma get caught).

Now I also LOVE me some Nelly, but this Stepped on my J's song should have been an Soulja Boy original, so the kids could have supa man'd that ooohhh, because right now its pure fuckery!!!

Lauren Londen will forever be NuNu to me, but her weave was on point!!! BTW, have you ever had Ciroc (liquid crack as my cousin would say), its smooth and will sneak up on ya?

I think T-Pain should write a series of children books because he is really a character, no really, he can transform into any character... literally!!! WOW T-Pain just transformed into T-Wayne...did you see it???

Ooooh I just got a glimpse of Tyrese, um um um!!!

I really wanna go on record saying that was one of the BEST BET Award Shows I've seen in a very long time, I mean very long time!!!