Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Goodbye 29... Hello 30!!!

via: Pinterest

Last night I said goodbye to my 20s and hello to my 30s. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it but I am definitely having a Marvin Sapp Never-would-have-made-it moment. What I'll say about my 20s is that it was definitely 10 years of learning. I mean sooo many lessons!!! Although I've slacked a bit on the 30 days to 30 I will definitely keep the series up and rename (30 and 30) it a bit so you can hear some of those lessons.

I have a birthday celebration this weekend so I'll definitely be back with the tea!!! I've heard 30 is when you really know who you are. I'm looking forward to what 30 has to offer.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seeing is Believing

I have always been the type of girl that preferred glasses over contacts. Even back in the day when colored contacts were all the rage, I did not fall victim to the trend. I keep a fresh pair of frames!!!

It has been a while since I actually purchased a pair of glasses but when I saw the RayBan Cats, I just knew they had to be on my face. I searched all over for them after I found out that they couldn't be ordered by phone from RayBan. I found a RayBan Rep. near my home and what he wanted for the glasses were reasonable but he didn't take insurance (no deal since I pay into that every month). I also went to a reputable eyeglass chain that didn't have them in stock but said that they could order them for me (of course they were on back order).

Long story short I decided to look into a site that my line sisters raved about years ago and I'm sooo happy that I did. I checked out Zenni Optical and look what I got.

Can you tell by the pic that this was taken at my Grandma's house? Hint- Baptism picture, lol.

I know you guys see that the frames I have on, are almost identical to the RayBan's that I was unable to purchase. This pair, with my subscription, came up to less than $35 dollars with shipping. And I was super excited because I was quoted 14 days shipping and they actually arrived earlier #winning. I plan on getting the same frame in another color soon. There are plenty of discount online eye wear sites available, which companies have you tried?