Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Seeing is Believing

I have always been the type of girl that preferred glasses over contacts. Even back in the day when colored contacts were all the rage, I did not fall victim to the trend. I keep a fresh pair of frames!!!

It has been a while since I actually purchased a pair of glasses but when I saw the RayBan Cats, I just knew they had to be on my face. I searched all over for them after I found out that they couldn't be ordered by phone from RayBan. I found a RayBan Rep. near my home and what he wanted for the glasses were reasonable but he didn't take insurance (no deal since I pay into that every month). I also went to a reputable eyeglass chain that didn't have them in stock but said that they could order them for me (of course they were on back order).

Long story short I decided to look into a site that my line sisters raved about years ago and I'm sooo happy that I did. I checked out Zenni Optical and look what I got.

Can you tell by the pic that this was taken at my Grandma's house? Hint- Baptism picture, lol.

I know you guys see that the frames I have on, are almost identical to the RayBan's that I was unable to purchase. This pair, with my subscription, came up to less than $35 dollars with shipping. And I was super excited because I was quoted 14 days shipping and they actually arrived earlier #winning. I plan on getting the same frame in another color soon. There are plenty of discount online eye wear sites available, which companies have you tried?


Anonymous said...

i too am a fan of frames i shop coastal.com your first pair is free just pay for taxes and if you add any upgrades. i use them when i watch tv in bed in case i break them

Necole said...

I love a cute pair of glasses too!! Those are super cute on you!! Hit me up if you're going to the meet up next week!

yummy411 said...

Love these!

Neche said...

I had RayBans but I lost them. :) You look cute in these!<3

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Anonymous said...

hey do you remember where you got the blue two tone glasses in the pic?