Friday, March 7, 2008

May my next move be my best move!!!

So today is my last day at work. I'm full of excitement, like a kid ready for a birthday party I'm ready for the clock to strike 6!!! All in all there is always some good in a bad situation...One being, a lesson learned. The people that I really enjoyed working with really let me know they enjoyed me as well. The guy who sits besides me offered to make me a cup of Joe, Espresso Joe at that. I hated to decline cause I know it was as a parting/peace gift but I can't put that stuff in my body anymore!!! The women in the department over told me how she wished me the best. For some unknown reason, I felt close to her, although we really didn't know each other. I guess that's one of my psychic abilities or the unused Psychology degree in me which filters good and bad character. Is today bittersweet, I think not, just another chance to roll the dice and land on the Boardwalk, while getting helpful information along the way from the Community Chest!!!

How about they brought someone in for an interview this morning and I could hear Sanaa Lathan shouting 'Girl, don't believe the Hype'. I wish I could run in and give her the low-down on the position. The aspects I will miss from this position is the endless amount of blogging I was able to do. I know that will NEVER happen again at another job (oops I forgot I got a BBerry). I also learned the characteristics of an un-effective manager.

So to all of you who stood by me and listened to me complain about my job, be prepared to stand by me and listen to me complain about not having one,Really not really!!! I know that something will come together for sure, may not come when I want it, but it'll be there right on time!!!

In closing, if you're not doing something you love, why do it??? I know we all have responsibilities we have to take care of (cause the bills don't stop), but take a course or two on that hobby that's really a passion waiting to burst out (I'm speaking to myself as well)!!! Think about all the time we waste doing things we don't enjoy, when we have the ability to make a decision and act out of faith and not fear.

I would love to continue this post but I have to delete all of my e-mails and pack my 'Shopaholics Daily Calendar', I have less than 30 minutes here. Yes I'm blogging at work, and you know this, maaaaan!!!!
Why did my manager just ask me to do some work, I'd like to yell off my favorite saying Bi*ch Please!!! 3,2,1 1,2,3 what the heck is bothering me? This job!!! I'm bout to walk out!!!

A Few of My Favorite Things

Yesterday was one of my happiest days living in a new city/state. The New target that was being built when I moved 6 months ago has finally opened. Such joy this place brings to me, and to think, now there is one less than 5 minutes away!!! So you know I had to get my visit on. Even pulling up, there was sooo much to take in, the pure ambiance of it all. As I entered I was welcomed by the 'new' know the smell you get with new shoes or a new car. The smell was so strong and pleasing I wish they would have packaged it. Besides the store being brand new, it was pretty empty and felt like it was all mine. This Target even had new buggies which rolled correctly (you know you can't stand a wobbly buggie). It always amazes me how the set up of Target and Super Targets' differ. My Super Target had purses and accessories the left of the entrance, with the shoe section beside it. Everything was nice and neat, and a big selection of sunglasses lined the back wall. Now I've shopped in my share of Targets and have never seen shoes this close to the front. As I walked from department to department, there were friendly red-shirt staffers' to greet me and ask if I needed assistance. The only thing I can say bad about 'My Super Target' is, it was so new, there were no dollar sections or sales in clothing. Do you know what this opening means for me? I have first dibs at new designers and new releases!!!Overall a post can not explain the sheer excitement I felt on this day but I'll keep you informed on my adventures to 'my store'.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jobs are for the jobless...right?

I am almost convinced that I've done something in a past life, which altered my ability to get and keep a job I enjoy. Each interview confirms that college is not for everyone. I know that as adults, our jobs/careers will change more than twice. To me, graduating college and entering the workforce is a catch 22!!! You study in a certain area for four or more years, only to graduate and be told you don't have enough experience. Is it not understood in the 'real working world' there's no way to be a full time student and gain work experience at the same time. 'What is it you really want to do', should be a million dollar question. If many of us were doing what we really wanted to do, our employers would have to find new employees. I guess my whole idea of the job market/job search is up in the air!!! Do I accept a job I have no interest in or remain jobless and hold out for something I'm more interested in? I think the whole job/career area is where I have my greatest issues. If I could only live in K's world I'd create the perfect job, with the perfect hours, and the perfect benefit plan!!! Who knows how this will pan out over the following two weeks, I'll be sure to keep you informed!!!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Was the Runway ripped or not???

So tonight was Rip The Runway, I personally don't think it was better than last year. Although, some good came out of the event...Diddy had his whole crew working for there keep. Lauren London is a beautiful woman, but tonight something was off. I don't know if it was the extra unnecessary movement or the too dark, over the top makeup. Nelly on the other hand looked GREAT, I have always been a fan and admirer of him, tonight definitely put him back in the limelight.

On a fashion tip, Rich and Infamous looked like the feature line for Rainbow. What was up with all of the tights??? However, I absolutely loved the dress above from the Zac Posen line.

Back to Nelly...Did he have the best line or what, so much energy...Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur. Oh how I love Nelly. Now I'm really into urban fashion, but I would definitely buy a few of his pieces.
Was my hour the only hour that was wasted? Last years showcase of fashion was just a lot better!!!

P.S- Who'll be buying Day 26 after their performance, and what kind of name is Day 26?