Friday, March 7, 2008

May my next move be my best move!!!

So today is my last day at work. I'm full of excitement, like a kid ready for a birthday party I'm ready for the clock to strike 6!!! All in all there is always some good in a bad situation...One being, a lesson learned. The people that I really enjoyed working with really let me know they enjoyed me as well. The guy who sits besides me offered to make me a cup of Joe, Espresso Joe at that. I hated to decline cause I know it was as a parting/peace gift but I can't put that stuff in my body anymore!!! The women in the department over told me how she wished me the best. For some unknown reason, I felt close to her, although we really didn't know each other. I guess that's one of my psychic abilities or the unused Psychology degree in me which filters good and bad character. Is today bittersweet, I think not, just another chance to roll the dice and land on the Boardwalk, while getting helpful information along the way from the Community Chest!!!

How about they brought someone in for an interview this morning and I could hear Sanaa Lathan shouting 'Girl, don't believe the Hype'. I wish I could run in and give her the low-down on the position. The aspects I will miss from this position is the endless amount of blogging I was able to do. I know that will NEVER happen again at another job (oops I forgot I got a BBerry). I also learned the characteristics of an un-effective manager.

So to all of you who stood by me and listened to me complain about my job, be prepared to stand by me and listen to me complain about not having one,Really not really!!! I know that something will come together for sure, may not come when I want it, but it'll be there right on time!!!

In closing, if you're not doing something you love, why do it??? I know we all have responsibilities we have to take care of (cause the bills don't stop), but take a course or two on that hobby that's really a passion waiting to burst out (I'm speaking to myself as well)!!! Think about all the time we waste doing things we don't enjoy, when we have the ability to make a decision and act out of faith and not fear.

I would love to continue this post but I have to delete all of my e-mails and pack my 'Shopaholics Daily Calendar', I have less than 30 minutes here. Yes I'm blogging at work, and you know this, maaaaan!!!!
Why did my manager just ask me to do some work, I'd like to yell off my favorite saying Bi*ch Please!!! 3,2,1 1,2,3 what the heck is bothering me? This job!!! I'm bout to walk out!!!


Eb the Celeb said...

Hey thanks for being a regular readers. I have added you to my blogroll as well.

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

glad you've made a decsion that will make you happy! be blessed!