Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Back By Popular Demand!!!

I've been missing in action for a couple of days because I've been enjoying the 'good life' of not having to go to a job I hate!!!Also, my computer has been acting like its on its cycle and shutting down in the middle of posts and everything. Is that a sign that I need to get a macbook? I sooo wish I could, but being jobless, the budget will be a bit tight. This past weekend I did enjoy myself in Chocolate City. I ate at an african restaurant, Bukom in Adam's Morgan, in celebration of a friends birthday. The food was great, but the shrimp were too big (I still eat seafood, for now), for me the texture/size determines the food I eat. I don't think I'll be getting those ever again. My favorite thing about the restaurant was the live band!!! Those of you that know me, know I'm a sucker for live music. I secretely wish my friends would have the band call me up to do a number with them one day (hint,hint...make sure my attitude is on point though). Sunday I actually walked around downtown D.C and viewed some of the historical attractions, which was definitely a first. I realized that that area would be great to take a bike ride, although I can't imagine having a bike rack on the back of my car. I also took a lunch break and had middle eastern food in the Reagan Cafeteria, it was my first introduction to lentil, which was pretty good. All in all I give my weekend a 7 out of 10, not quite Ga. but I'm sure it'll get there!!!
F.Y.I- I also stepped my cooking game up another notch by making vegetarian 'meat loaf', if I change a few ingredients I believe it'll be just right the next go round!!! I forgot to tell you all last week I made a portabella mushroom philly, you may as well call me Rachel Ray instead of Special K!!!

P.S- I do have a job and I've actually had it before I ended my last. Its not something I'm totally into, but I still have faith that God will put a few people and positions in place that will lead me to my 'dream job'!!!

P.S.S- Tommorrow night I am going to an Ole School Hip Hop and R&B B.Y.O.I Party. Those of you that didn't get it...Bring Your Own Ipod!!! Anyways, you bring your ipod to the party and you actually have a chance to be the D.J for a minute. So I'm asking you all to provide me with some Ole School tunes that will get the party jumping, leave as many as you like!!!

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