Friday, February 3, 2012

I LOVE, LOVE- Candy Painted

Keeping with the theme of LOVE this month, another thing that I LOVE is nail polish. I know that I've mentioned it before but I'm really into getting new polishes but it is very rare that I actually paint my nails. I just hate when they start chipping, it seems like it happens at the most inoportune time. I wish I could be one of those chicks that polished once or twice a week but I'm not!!! I also LOVE nail design it looks like it works best on acrylic rather than natural nails. I wanted to try the stiletto nails but no acrylic for me, I learned the hard way several years ago.

While browsing my FAVORITE drugstore (CVS) I came across a new polish line that is stated to be similar to gel nails/Shellac.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love, Love- I Have A Heart On

The heart is the most represented symbol for the month of February, and it also happens to be one of my favorite months. As I've stated before I LOVE, LOVE so of course I'd LOVE the month its most celebrated. Plus, its also Back History Month and I LOVE black people so I'm excited to talk about the people who paved the way for my people through a couple of posts!!

Usually in Feb. I'll wear my heart locket everyday in memory of my mom who passed in the month of Feb. It has my initials with a small pic of her inside it. It's kinda funny because there are certain shapes/objects that I call myself obsessed with and a heart is not actually one of them (or is it). I remember a couple of years back, my ex gave me a 1 karat diamond heart necklace and I hated it. But today I have several pieces of jewelry with hearts on it. Heck, I have 3 tattoo's with hearts. It's simple, I LOVE, LOVE and obviously I love the shape that symbolizes love.

Today's Black History Fact is on Daniel Hale Williams. Mr. Williams is known as the first person to perform open heart surgery, not only that he is also the first to actually open up the chest cavity. After reading up on Mr. Williams I found out other interesting facts. Before he apprenticed with a physician, Mr. Williams owned a barber shop. Most would consider that a blue collar job which correlates with you socio-economic status. After reading about Mr. Williams it reassured me that no matter what you might be now you can always become/have that which is destined for you. Mr. Williams biography resonated with me because I'm about to start school and have not been my own cheerleader. After reading his biography and knowing the time Mr. Williams came up in I choose to replace doubt, and fear.  Thank you Daniel Hale Williams for being a pioneer in achievement for black people.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Feel Good

The song above has been my jam since I first heard it. It's one of those songs that actually makes you feel good about your situation. I love the fact that music evokes emotions. Not only do I feel good, I also had a very good day.

One of my goals or something that I wanted to achieve is becoming Elite status with Yelp. I think I've mentioned here before that I LOVE writing reviews for all of the exciting and non-exciting places that I've visited. I've actually been doing it for about 2 years. Unfortunately, my procrastination usually gets the best of me and I haven't written nearly as much as I could. Well today I received an e-mail stating that I was nominated to become an Elite Yelper for the year 2012. This was total excitement since I didn't expect it. After about an hor and a half I received another e-mail stating that I became Elite status (go me, go me) *does the cabbage patch*. Now I'll be able to get invited to Elite only events which seem great and an awesome way to network!!! If you're interested in writing reviews please follow me here.

Ooohhh weeee, another blessing. Something else that I've been mustering up is pursuing my Master's degree. I've put it off for quite some time and now its beyond time to get, get, get it. I won't lie, I am beyond nervous. The last time I tried to do online classes I was unsuccessful and it totally brought my morale down. This time I just hope I'm ready and that everything will work out for my good. Next up financial aid (ooohhh we'll see how that goes).

Anything going on with you guys that has you feeling good?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Review

I started out my weekend on Friday by missing a jazz event held at a local venue, to attend a sleep study. Yep, you heard right, a sleep study/ Problem is, your girl has been falling asleep at the wheel, and that's no bueno!!! A few of my family members have had sleep studies so I already knew what to expect. When I arrived the sleep center's decor was beautiful and it smelled great. I was taken to my room which was also ultra nice. There was a flat screen attached to the wall so that I could still view all of my shows. And the bed was also a sleep number bed. I die (wait, definitely don't wanna do that seeing as though I stop breathing during my sleep). I wish I would have snapped a pic after the sleep tech attached all of the equipment to me. I definitely looked like a robot or something. I had wires or sensors attached above my eyes, legs, head (as in, in my hair) and fingers. Uncomfortable was not the word. I'm happy that I'm not the type that has to use the restroom in the middle of the night. Other than my hands continuing to fall asleep and the goo they had to put on me to attach the sensors, I had a really good nights sleep,  or so I thought.

Saturday, the babe and I (really just me) were looking for something exciting to do. So I suggested an arcade. Since we're both way past our teenage years we needed a place with food to, so why not Dave and Buster's. The BEST thing about that plan is Dave and Buster's have a great selection of adult games as well as good food for a low price. As always we began to second guess ourselves basically because it was going to take 45 minutes to get there. We ended up changing and going to a spot in Alexandria called Lucky's. It was actually a total knockoff of Dave and Buster's but on a much smaller level and not really family friendly (if ya ask me). Let's just say me and the babe had a great time there. We played basketball and I tried really, really hard to beat him but I couldn't. My competitive nature started to rise and we played about 9 games against each other. We also had a motorcycle race. I sucked balls MAJORLY. And last we played table hockey. And guess who ended up winning... yours truly. Look at those stats below.

After gaming, we had worked up quite a hunger and I decided for us to go somewhere else to eat since I wasn't in the mood for 'bar food' and didn't know if  their calamari was up to par ( I really want calamari). However, we ended at Applebee's since they are low in cost as well as calories. We both enjoyed a steak dinner for about $30.

Sunday the babe textd me at work to say that he passed another IT certification and deemed it as 'his day'. Since I try to have  a balance on eating out and cooking I decided that we take a trip to Wegman's and we'd cook his choice of a meal. I am sooo happy that we were on the same page cause he chose baked fish (herb crusted tilipia), baked potato, and carrots. We also bought a rotisserie chicken so that we could make BeautyFash's chicken salad recipe (trying to save ca$h on lunch and not eat out).   All in all it was a great weekend!!! I can only imagine what I'll get into this coming weekend since it'll be Superbowl Sunday (I need to find a party ASAP).

Update:Today I received a call in regard to my sleep study from Friday. Let's just say not so good. I have a severe case of sleep apnea and will need to sleep with a Cpak as treatment. I'm happy that I took the test because since my whole 3 month tonsillitis episode, I've been falling asleep while driving. I mean it has really been a struggle at times and I'd call friends and family to try and talk to them so that I'd stay awake. If you hold your breath (or stop breathing) 30 times you are categorized as severe. I did it for 97 times #scary. My shortest time was 17 sec. and the longest was 47 sec. (with stats like that I ought to be able to swim #IkidIkid. As I learn more about sleep apnea I will definitely keep you informed.