Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love, Love- I Have A Heart On

The heart is the most represented symbol for the month of February, and it also happens to be one of my favorite months. As I've stated before I LOVE, LOVE so of course I'd LOVE the month its most celebrated. Plus, its also Back History Month and I LOVE black people so I'm excited to talk about the people who paved the way for my people through a couple of posts!!

Usually in Feb. I'll wear my heart locket everyday in memory of my mom who passed in the month of Feb. It has my initials with a small pic of her inside it. It's kinda funny because there are certain shapes/objects that I call myself obsessed with and a heart is not actually one of them (or is it). I remember a couple of years back, my ex gave me a 1 karat diamond heart necklace and I hated it. But today I have several pieces of jewelry with hearts on it. Heck, I have 3 tattoo's with hearts. It's simple, I LOVE, LOVE and obviously I love the shape that symbolizes love.

Today's Black History Fact is on Daniel Hale Williams. Mr. Williams is known as the first person to perform open heart surgery, not only that he is also the first to actually open up the chest cavity. After reading up on Mr. Williams I found out other interesting facts. Before he apprenticed with a physician, Mr. Williams owned a barber shop. Most would consider that a blue collar job which correlates with you socio-economic status. After reading about Mr. Williams it reassured me that no matter what you might be now you can always become/have that which is destined for you. Mr. Williams biography resonated with me because I'm about to start school and have not been my own cheerleader. After reading his biography and knowing the time Mr. Williams came up in I choose to replace doubt, and fear.  Thank you Daniel Hale Williams for being a pioneer in achievement for black people.

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