Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Best of fall, or so I thought

It is my favorite time of year, season to be exact... fall. The way the crisp air hits your face but not strong enough to send a chill through your body, the scatter of brown/orange leaves across the pavement, and knowing that my favorite holiday is at the end of this month. I wish I could spend this month basking in the season, but NO this month is dedicated to Heidi.

I never knew what it meant to be grown until Heidi came into my life. Heidi is my 2 year old Honda Accord Coupe. Along with Heidi came car payments, insurance, and maintenance (really not really). I am almost pulling out my hair with these fees, this month alone I have:
*Gas (a given)
*County Sticker
*Renew my tag
*Two front tires
*Citation (I really thought that would disappear)

Fall, or the month of October would feel so much better if my load were lighter and I could focus on new boots and accessories, I digress.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Reflecting

I've been M.i.A for about the whole month because I was taking time off reflecting. It was a year ago on the 1st that I  moved to the DMV, I remember it like yesterday. Since that time so much has changed... I've learned some of the hottest malls, had about 4 jobs, and met many people. I've dealt with the many woes of living in the country, adapting to my "vegetarian lifestyle", and the whole concept of traffic.

There are still areas which need work ASAP like finding a church. Honestly I'm not sure what the DMV has in store for me or if it will be my final destination. However this past year has definitely shaped me in more ways than one. I've learned so much about ME that I haven't realized in 26 years. Having this blog has helped me release stress and venture into the minds of other bloggers. Out of 30 days my reflection period must come to the end so I can focus more on my Handbags, hair, and heels :-)