Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Only a Memory Away

I was kinda torn on what to post today, wondering if grief would interfere. Today marks the second anniversary of my momma's death. But on this day I choose not to be sad, I choose to fill my thoughts with all of the wonderful memories God allowed us to share together. This morning while driving to work my momma filled my thoughts and as I changed the radio station, a song was playing that took me exactly to that place. You know how certain songs place you exactly in that moment. A moment that's only a memory away. Before today I couldn't even listen to the song Yes by Shekinah Glory Ministry, this time was different, the song placed me exactly in that moment, and I began to hear from God. No one understands an untimely death and while we cry out No, God sees otherwise and says Yes. The lyrics in the song go on to say there is more that I require of you, this really hit home. God knew that I would be able to handle any situation because he requires more of me, the test and trials of death comes to serve us notice that his purpose must be fulfilled in our lives. The only way death even makes since to me is to look at it seasons and how they change. Each season brings about life, once the season has served its purpose it has to die off to make way for the next.

Only forty-four days into the year I know of several people who have lost a loved one to death or maybe a relationship has ended. I hope you understand that God wants so much more from us than to let death or any situation shut us down, he wants to take us higher. Take this time to surround yourself with love and think about the wonderful memories God gave you. The memories that I cherish most about my momma are all the times she came to visit me in school. Homecoming, me crossing, or the sake of her just wanting to be there, always puts me in a good mood. Those mother/daughter time's made me feel like I was on top of the world, like I could do anything, say anything, or be anything...all because my momma was there and I know she had my back! Although I wish she were here I understand God required more and took her higher. There is not a day I don't think about her but I thank God for all of the memories I can can find peace in when I'm feeling down. I love you and I miss you.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So there are like sooo many things going on right now that just make me wanna holla!!!

* My work computer- It freezes up on me almost everyday as if I don't have the same cycle... blogging, working, and more (you guessed it )blogging!!!

* My quest to Vegetarinism- Its not so much as the meat "just be calling me", its more of, I need more recipes (if you're out there reading this and know of anyone with a soul food version of becoming a vegetarian please holla at me ASAP).

*Potomac Primaries- I really want to make it to the polls but when you factor in me getting off at 6, and an hour worth of traffic... aaaghhh I just don't know, and I long for my sticker cause you can get a free taco from California Tortillia with it(lol)!!!

* Customer Service or should I say the lack of - I am sooo tired of visiting restaurants in Fairfax, Va. and the workers have no earthly idea of what Customer Service is. How hard is it to work in fast food...some things are just a given. You place an order and give a receipt, if you get a combo meal you give a drink as well. And the next time I order chicken nuggetts, do not automatically assume I want bar-b-que sauce (is this because I'm black). I can go on and on about this topic but I'll spare you.

*Traffic- If I would have known you could drive in the HOV lane in a Hybrid aaaghhh (I'm constantly thinking of ways of brushing against someones' and the emblem falls off , maybe I should check with the junk yard, that's worth $20)

*Work- How I have to pretend to work then pretend not to really, if I'm not doing anything...Can I just do me?

*Billary Clinton- Tired of hearing experience as the reason people are voting for her, like how much experience did she get for being the former Presidents' wife? Just because he served 2 terms did that rack in experience for her like Cingular's roll over minutes. So today and today only I will give the perfect ignorant reason for voting for Obama....IT'S BLACK HISTORY MONTH (top that Billary followers)!!!

* Brittany Spears-Enough said.

Gotta Find My Groove

So I'm sooo excited about this blog and just trying to find my natural writing groove. I often write songs and poetry(when I get the urge) but this online journaling is altogether new. I can't excape writing on tidbets of paper, receipts, or magazine offers...It's like I become the most creative when I have absolutely nothing to write on. Yesterday I wanted to start the blog off with something like Meaningful Monday or Motivational Monday... something inspirational... but as soon as I got to work it ended up being Madness Monday!!! So I'm in a new area, new job (which I hate) and Madness Monday I'm sure will continue later on today, way into a Madness week. I will not detour from my original plan of having Monday as a day of inspiration, which will ultimately set the work week in order. My question for you all is:
What Are You Proudest Of In Life?
Since I've moved here I've heard from family members and friends "I am so proud of you". And I'm like why? Most of the answers surround the fact that I basically picked up and moved from my oh so comfortable comfort zone to a place where I have yet to set my mark(how I long for my days of being the black sex in the 'bany). When I sit and ponder the fact of people being proud of me I feel great, but ultimately what I'm proud of means the most, often the two are not the same. What I am most proudest of, is the fact that God places people in my life which aid me in this game called life. I have a supportive family and my friends are the best..every now and then he allows me meet perfect strangers in perfect timing... some for a reason and others for a season. That being said I'm sure I'll find my groove...gotta go to bed its after 2 am!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008


So yep its me, finally with a blog of my own!!! I am so happy to have an outlet to vent, have a good time, and keep in contact with my friends (I won't be e-mailing as much...I know that sucks). I hope you enjoy my personal views as well as random thoughts, also leave comments!!!