Tuesday, February 12, 2008


So there are like sooo many things going on right now that just make me wanna holla!!!

* My work computer- It freezes up on me almost everyday as if I don't have the same cycle... blogging, working, and more (you guessed it )blogging!!!

* My quest to Vegetarinism- Its not so much as the meat "just be calling me", its more of, I need more recipes (if you're out there reading this and know of anyone with a soul food version of becoming a vegetarian please holla at me ASAP).

*Potomac Primaries- I really want to make it to the polls but when you factor in me getting off at 6, and an hour worth of traffic... aaaghhh I just don't know, and I long for my sticker cause you can get a free taco from California Tortillia with it(lol)!!!

* Customer Service or should I say the lack of - I am sooo tired of visiting restaurants in Fairfax, Va. and the workers have no earthly idea of what Customer Service is. How hard is it to work in fast food...some things are just a given. You place an order and pay...you give a receipt, if you get a combo meal you give a drink as well. And the next time I order chicken nuggetts, do not automatically assume I want bar-b-que sauce (is this because I'm black). I can go on and on about this topic but I'll spare you.

*Traffic- If I would have known you could drive in the HOV lane in a Hybrid aaaghhh (I'm constantly thinking of ways of brushing against someones' and the emblem falls off , maybe I should check with the junk yard, that's worth $20)

*Work- How I have to pretend to work then pretend not to blog...like really, if I'm not doing anything...Can I just do me?

*Billary Clinton- Tired of hearing experience as the reason people are voting for her, like how much experience did she get for being the former Presidents' wife? Just because he served 2 terms did that rack in experience for her like Cingular's roll over minutes. So today and today only I will give the perfect ignorant reason for voting for Obama....IT'S BLACK HISTORY MONTH (top that Billary followers)!!!

* Brittany Spears-Enough said.


Anonymous said...

How come when someone dies, people come out of the wood work with their hands held out? And why is it mostly family? Can I mourn for goodness sake? I mean death should bring people, especially family, together.

And why is it, the media keeps bothering Britney Spears. I mean can't they see that it's them that's causing her to go crazy,and let's not count out k-fed(don't like the mohawk, by the way). The way he just divorced her without any argument, let's you know that he just wanted her for her money. If someone really loves you they won't let you get away that easy. With her acting out the way she is, I feel like she's just trying to get some attention from somebody. Everybody want's to be loved.

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

(I tried to post this comment last night, but messed up...)Okay, after four hours of sitting in a grad class from hell, this post is exactly what I needed! Funny! I'm on the lookout for those vegetarian soulfood recipes-sounds like a winner to me.
Oh and about the K-Fed comment, I'm sorry, but I do not feel bad for Brittany in relation to him. When she got with him, he left a pregnant girlfriend behind for Brittany. That speaks volumes about his character (or lack there of). Be careful how you get him, ladies, because it may be the way you lose him! It was obvious that he was a bit of an opportunist, no?(I hope she gets it together, though, because it's just...sad).