Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Only a Memory Away

I was kinda torn on what to post today, wondering if grief would interfere. Today marks the second anniversary of my momma's death. But on this day I choose not to be sad, I choose to fill my thoughts with all of the wonderful memories God allowed us to share together. This morning while driving to work my momma filled my thoughts and as I changed the radio station, a song was playing that took me exactly to that place. You know how certain songs place you exactly in that moment. A moment that's only a memory away. Before today I couldn't even listen to the song Yes by Shekinah Glory Ministry, this time was different, the song placed me exactly in that moment, and I began to hear from God. No one understands an untimely death and while we cry out No, God sees otherwise and says Yes. The lyrics in the song go on to say there is more that I require of you, this really hit home. God knew that I would be able to handle any situation because he requires more of me, the test and trials of death comes to serve us notice that his purpose must be fulfilled in our lives. The only way death even makes since to me is to look at it seasons and how they change. Each season brings about life, once the season has served its purpose it has to die off to make way for the next.

Only forty-four days into the year I know of several people who have lost a loved one to death or maybe a relationship has ended. I hope you understand that God wants so much more from us than to let death or any situation shut us down, he wants to take us higher. Take this time to surround yourself with love and think about the wonderful memories God gave you. The memories that I cherish most about my momma are all the times she came to visit me in school. Homecoming, me crossing, or the sake of her just wanting to be there, always puts me in a good mood. Those mother/daughter time's made me feel like I was on top of the world, like I could do anything, say anything, or be anything...all because my momma was there and I know she had my back! Although I wish she were here I understand God required more and took her higher. There is not a day I don't think about her but I thank God for all of the memories I can can find peace in when I'm feeling down. I love you and I miss you.


Pam said...

I am glad that you took what could be a very difficult day and chose to percieve it positively. Everything you said is a testament to what God can do and how He does move in perfect timing. Losing a loved one is never easy, but rest assured that God calls us all home when His purpose here on earth is fulfilled. Now you can find comfort and peace in knowing that He and your momma in the form of an angel, not to mention the other loved ones who have been called home, are watching over you and carrying you through every trial and tribulation. I have been praying for you today and tried really hard to send an e-card to let you know that we are here for you, not that you don't already know it, but especially today, however the computer would not allow it. So I thought let me check out her blog and see what she has to say and As God would have it, because it was really Him who led me here, I felt that you were really okay and He has you in the palm of His hand and has answered every prayer and concern.

Alexia said...

hey toot, i wanted to call and check on you but i still have a hard time on that day and i didnt know what to say. as i was reading, it just made me realize even more that she is in a better place and she is watching over us all as we grow into the women that we are and after reading that after a season has served its purpose makes it all so much clearer. im sitting hear covered in tears as i was writing this but i want to comment on your blog and say how i i felt about it too. LOVE YA

Anonymous said...

Everybody kept calling and asking me how is toot? or have you talked to toot? I told them all toot is fine. I knew a while ago you had got a peace like never before on your mother/ my aunt passing. Im glad this blog and that song helped you get a better understanding of this tragic incident. When I hear the song As Soon As I Get Home I think of granddaddies funeral and Sylvia's singing and I know that when I get over there they will be waiting on me but its not my time now. Ebuka's death hit real close to home because I never had a life so young taken away from me and it worries me. But last week I found peace in knowing he fulfilled his purpose here on Earth and that his time was up. Luv ya chick.

Anonymous said...

To be absent from the body is to to be present with the Lord! Kristin, I got your funky e-mail so I thought I would take time to re-visit your blog in hopes to successfully post my comment. I don't know if you remember the date but "Pop" died February 12, 2007 and we have approached the one year mark. I didn't think I would find peace after losing him but God is a good God and so worthy to be praised!!! Let us both remember that if and when he brings us to it he will definitely bring us through it. Be good and I Love Ya!

Auntie Patricia said...

To God be the glory for the things he has done. I give all glory and Honor to GOD, who is the head of my life. I am sitting in the library filled with tears, no matter how sick I fill today, I still must press on toward the mark for the Prize of the High Calling which is in Christ Jesus. No one misses that beautiful black Angel we called Deborah, but God called his Daughter. I try not to shed to many tears of sadness, but of Joy and Happiness knowing that I played a big part in her life and she in mines. I'm crying now just reading what you wrote toot and others, I may not tell you enough how much I love you, kk, raven, alexia, rhian and devon, no matter what I go thru, I always remember that I have to stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, this is just a test of my trials and storms to see if I can really handle what God has in store for me, just know that I love you all, but God loves us More.

What a mighty God we serve. My favorite song is "Never Could have made it without you", Marvin Sapp.
KK, Toot, Alexia, Raven hold your head up God has some work for you four beautiful black young ladies.

I can do all things thru Christ Jesus which strengthrens me.

Joseph L. Davis Jr. said...

We have been friends for a short time and i have the upmost respect for you. I love and take care

Joseph L. Davis Jr.