Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm Back

So I took quite a long break and I'm back!!! I know you're is she gonna step her blog game up if she doesn't.... blog. Give me credit, I am taking time out from my eclipse date to blog to you all!!!

This weekend I really stepped my game up a bit and got out of the house. On Friday I went to club Love (in D.C) which was ok, it wasn't like the ghetto hole in the wall I'm used to. I'm used to floor length weaves, white tee's, and not being able to breathe because of the thick smoke aroma. I've got to get out in the city more, I know!!! They actually had the nerve to check my purse...for gum, only to throw it out. Now that was totally new to me!!!

Saturday I woke up early for a hair appointment, BIG mistake after staying out so late. My beautician had the nerve to say 'what did you do to your hair'. In this moment I was about to get an instant attitude like... ain't that why I'm here..... to get it done!!! But she do get my roots straight so I brushed it off.

I know you won't believe I even got out on Sunday as well. I let my melodies flow at Madam's Organ for karaoke. This was actually an activity of my meetup group, and to think I wasn't gonna attend. We even did a Salt & Pepa throwback, Push It, with impromtu dance moves.
*Public Service Announcement*
If you're in a new area or just want to have fun with different people, check out trust me you'll love it!!!

If you all have free time check out WELCOME HOME ROSCOE JENKINS. This movie was funny all the way through, not at all the low budget movie I thought it would be. Joy Bryant really stepped out the innocent girl-next-door role and played the hell out of a bourgeois bitch that moved on up to the east side. I was happy to see the development in talent which was totally unexpected!!!

So that was my weekend and now I'm back to blogland!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are crazy and you know I be in meetings, class or writing papers, and the radio station all the time. I read them maybe not the day you post them but I read your blogs.