Tuesday, March 11, 2008

College Hill- ATL shawty!!!

Tonight was the premiere episode of College Hill, ATL shawty!!! You know I had to watch it...gotta represent that GA. The cast all seem like people I went to school with. W.T.F is up with Andrew, he seems like the weakest link!!! It always amazes me how some guys are so homophobic, like being in the prescence of a gay guy will magically rub off on them. We all have a gay uncle or cousin some where!!!

I am sooo happy the show turned out to be an hour premier, now I can try to get a feel of the house dynamics. I am sooo loving the ATL basement beats, reminds me of home!!! Why was Ashley Ls' face so greasy? Doesn't Ashley R, remind you of Nu-Nu (Lauren London).
And again, who does Dru think he is? I think this season will be drama filled and definitely keep ATL on the map (hopefully in a good way). Judging from the previews I will definitely be tuned in every Tues.!!!!

I'm Back By Popular Demand!!!

I've been missing in action for a couple of days because I've been enjoying the 'good life' of not having to go to a job I hate!!!Also, my computer has been acting like its on its cycle and shutting down in the middle of posts and everything. Is that a sign that I need to get a macbook? I sooo wish I could, but being jobless, the budget will be a bit tight. This past weekend I did enjoy myself in Chocolate City. I ate at an african restaurant, Bukom in Adam's Morgan, in celebration of a friends birthday. The food was great, but the shrimp were too big (I still eat seafood, for now), for me the texture/size determines the food I eat. I don't think I'll be getting those ever again. My favorite thing about the restaurant was the live band!!! Those of you that know me, know I'm a sucker for live music. I secretely wish my friends would have the band call me up to do a number with them one day (hint,hint...make sure my attitude is on point though). Sunday I actually walked around downtown D.C and viewed some of the historical attractions, which was definitely a first. I realized that that area would be great to take a bike ride, although I can't imagine having a bike rack on the back of my car. I also took a lunch break and had middle eastern food in the Reagan Cafeteria, it was my first introduction to lentil, which was pretty good. All in all I give my weekend a 7 out of 10, not quite Ga. but I'm sure it'll get there!!!
F.Y.I- I also stepped my cooking game up another notch by making vegetarian 'meat loaf', if I change a few ingredients I believe it'll be just right the next go round!!! I forgot to tell you all last week I made a portabella mushroom philly, you may as well call me Rachel Ray instead of Special K!!!

P.S- I do have a job and I've actually had it before I ended my last. Its not something I'm totally into, but I still have faith that God will put a few people and positions in place that will lead me to my 'dream job'!!!

P.S.S- Tommorrow night I am going to an Ole School Hip Hop and R&B B.Y.O.I Party. Those of you that didn't get it...Bring Your Own Ipod!!! Anyways, you bring your ipod to the party and you actually have a chance to be the D.J for a minute. So I'm asking you all to provide me with some Ole School tunes that will get the party jumping, leave as many as you like!!!