Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Reality Check- Basketball Wives

So I’ve tuned in yet again, to another season of Basketball Wives. There was a part of me that didn’t want to do it because of the negative portrayal of black women. However, being a self-proclaimed reality show addict, my addiction won. Of course the ‘day after’ talk in the black community starts with the happenings from the previous show.

In case you missed last night’s show it ended as any other with… drama. Here it is in a nutshell. Susie has apologized after being a battered puppy dog last season and now she wants Royce to make amends to get back in the circle. Neka meets with Shaunie to find out if she said what she said but doesn’t remember what she said to know if she said it (did you all follow me). Evelyn and Chad go and visit the doctor for invitro. Royce agrees and meets up with Jennifer and Evelyn to ‘discuss’ what happens and all hell breaks loose. Tammi wasn’t focused on last night.

Ok, so now that I’ve brought you up to speed, the conversation this morning starts with my co-worker stating that he dislikes Royce because she’s such a drama queen. Now to me I can’t really hold any of them higher than the next. Shaunie is the pimp in my book and strategically and successfully orchestrates what will happen in order to keep the ratings high. Evelyn ALWAYS has to be the ‘bad ass’ get loud and act like she is just running sh*t. Jennifer feeds off Evelyn, so look to Evelyn to determine her attitude. Susie ran her mouth too much (drama ensued). Neka is just trying to get in with the fit in (I’m sure it’ll all blow up soon). Tammi really only pops off if there is a reason, but when she does it’s crazy. Royce has been treated as the underdog, has-no-right-to-a-basketball-player cause she’s a dancer and defends herself … drama. So in the shows little chain of characters, you see that each one of them have and will play a vital role in being a drama queen at any given time.

I am still wondering why they have a show, considering none of them are current basketball wives. What I mean by current is… your husband (meaning that you are already legally married) is currently playing in the NBA. Yes, that makes a huge difference. When your husband is playing you are in the spotlight because he is. These chicks are just trying to stay relevant, hence the show. I think it should be renamed to either Has Been Basketball Wives, Trying to be a Basketball Wife, and Basketball Jumpoffs.

As I was listening to the Russ Parr morning show a listener provided a tweet that sums the women up perfectly. The women on Basketball Wives are basketball groupies in search of their identities as adults. I say I’d have to agree with the viewer completely.

I’d like to say that I won’t be tuned in next week but like a fiend, it keeps calling me. My hopes are that the ish hits the fan with Neka. I am totally not feeling her. Not sure of her age, but when your’re of age to be a grown woman there’s no need to try and fit into a clique. What's up with all of these meetings she keeps having with everyone? She is simply trying too hard.

Until the next Reality Check, I'm out...