Monday, October 25, 2010

Confessions of a Coupon Whore Edition ll

As you all should know Macy's has become one of my little obsessions. I was NEVER a Macy's shopper before, and was kinda aggravated when people were like I shop at Macy's. Just aggravated because I love shopping in general and it's a skill that I succeed at in any store. I digress. Recently, I can truly appreciated the I-shop-at-Macy's attitude become it has almost become mine. This place is like a one stop shop <- well really not really, but you get what I mean. The main thing that I appreciate is how Macy's values their customers.

So... I was super ecstatic when I opened my letter and realized it wasn't a bill but 4... yes 4 coupons waiting for me. It was like the 'coupon God's' heard my 'coupon prayers'!!! I actually received two 20% off coupons as well as two $10 off coupons (go me)!!!

One of the first areas that I check in Macy's is the shoe department. As I've tweet'd before it is sooo hard for me to find shoes in my size (5 1/2). I know a lot of you are side eyeing me right now cause you think that they have my size everywhere which is sooo not the truth. I actually saw the pair below and thought that I really needed this particular color. However, I noticed that the 5 1/2 was actually Nine West. Nine West is a brand that doesn't fit true to size (for me). I've even had issues with the size 5 being too large. Luckily this pair fit semi-great. The straps on the top were a bit loose but I believe a pad in the bottom will take care of that issue. The shoes were originally $89 yet on sale for $44.50, and with my $10 off... $34.50.

Now I really believe that accessories totally pull the outfit together. So you all should know that I have a weakness for anything pearl. The necklace was originally $40 and after my coupon it rang up for $8. What a steal!!!

I guess runner up to my weakness for all things pearl, would be my love and adoration for bows. If you guys took a look in my jewelry box you would think that I don't know what I have . I have bow rings, earrings, necklaces, and etc. I LOVE them, LOVE them. This pair I would categorize as classy. The shape of the bow is more of a classic shape and it has diamond like detailing. I could see myself wearing these when I'm 40.

The last item that I picked up was a pin/brooch. I figured I'd find something to attach it to. Plus I absolutely LOVE the fact that it has a crown and a cross attached to it. Both the earrings and the pin/brooch was around $3.00.

Basically, the moral of this post is... DON'T MISS a Macy's one day sale and have your coupon in tow!!! Let me know if you all have had the opportunity to find a good deal, even better if you had a coupon to accompany it!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Contest Time (YouTube)!!! CLOSED

I'm assuming that if you're not following my blog you've been directed her from my YouTube channel. Well welcome if this happens to be your first time!!!

As stated on my channel, visiting this post gives you an alternate way to be entered into my contest. All you have to do is
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*leave a comment under this post, yep any comment!!!

The winner wiil be drawn randomly, using The contest start today and will run until Nov. 7th. at 11:59 est. The winner will be announced Nov. 15th.

GOOD LUCK and thanks for entering!!!