Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Blessed Assurance

I'll be the first to tell you that I not only analyze situations, I over analyze them. This morning I began to over analyze the situation at the 40. If you know me personally, or if you've watched my videos; you know that I am not happy in my current situation. Although I'm using the word analyze, the bible would probably see this as worrying. Actually, worrying is exactly what I was doing. As soon as I felt it, I knew what I had to do. I immediately began to look through my devotionals and read a few scriptures to ease my mind. Shortly afterwards I felt a bit at ease.

One of my stressors was that I'd received an e-mail from a University about an upcoming Federal Government job fair. My excitement was short lived when I noticed that you had to be a current student or Alumni. Nonetheless I decided to e-mail the school to see if I'd be able to attend. Honestly, I was thinking the worse ( I know, more positive thoughts). After about 30 minutes, I had a response which was simply, if I had an account I could register. I still had a student ID but I didn't have the password. I let them know and they sent me a password. Just like that I was able to register. I honestly heard God speak to me, saying I have you. I mean I know that I'm Gods child and that I believe he can do anything, above and beyond my thoughts. And to take it a step further, I've actually tried him and seen him work things out. However, at times I still have shaky faith that appears to be smaller than a mustard seed (have you actually seen how small they are).

I began to vent with my co-worker about my disdain with the situation and started thinking about things I'd rather be doing. Again I heard God's voice speaking to me saying, do it. What I was speaking about is having more of a creative outlet. The 40 makes me feel sooo boxed in. I feel like a gifted child that acts out, out of boredom. It is sooo hard doing something you don't enjoy, over and over and over. I know that there is more of me that needs to be shared. I am not doing nor living up to  my true capacity. I just know that God has something bigger for me to do... I can feel it.

Well just when you thought thats it, my co-worker comes and tells me that my tire was low. I really began to freak out. I admit I dated a mechanic for a while and can not change the fuse, let alone, the tire. Once I got outside I noticed that the tire wasn't just low, it was darn near flat. Like really flat. This was the time that I wished I had a boyfriend *sigh*. Luckily my co-workers were there to assist. Although my spare was put on, I was still freaking about having to purchase a tire (definitely not in my first-of-the-month-rent-is-due budget). My coworker followed me to the gas station and put air in my spare tire (yes that was low too). Luckily, I saw that the service center was still open, so I went over to see if I could get it plugged. After finding out I could get the tire plugged, I told my co-worker and thanked him. This time I could hear my grandma say God always has a ram in the bush. I found out that the plug would only be $22.10 (score). The mechanic was very helpful and had a great personality. It also didn't hurt that he was easy on the eye. After I headed to Starbucks and downed my latte he was finished. He put my spare back in my car and even threw away this box for me (no I'm not building a clubhouse). I walked to the register to pay and he simply said don't worry about it. Again, I could hear God reassuring me that if I relinquish control and let Him do what He can do, then everything will work out for my good.

If that were the end of my day and the end of my unearned Grace, it would have been enough. But yet again God showed me favor. I've been wanting new bed linen and right as I was heading to pay for it an employee handed me a survey which gave me 10% off.

The moral of my story is that there were blessings bestowed upon me today. Really, it was just free, undeserved Grace. But at the same time God assured me at the same time that if I trust in Him and lean not to my own understanding He'll work everything out in His timing. I felt the need to share this because this past weekend I felt very discouraged. Wondering when it would be my turn to get ahead. Basically, just having a big ole woe-is-me pity party. Today was definitely a day of Blessed Assurance (I left a few good things out). As the songwriter says:

This is my story, this is my song praising my Savior all the day long.  

Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear October...

Dear October,

How I Love thee, let me count the ways...

I totally LOVE the month of October. I mean one of my Fav Holidays occur this month. Yep, you guessed it Halloween. Ever since I was a child I've loved Halloween. I remember trick or treating as a kid with my siblings back in Ga and getting sick off of candy. Plus this month makes me think of the hip hop song by Geto Boyz, Mind Playing Tricks on Me. Verse in point: 'This year Halloween fell on the weekend,  Me and Geto Boyz are trick-or-treating, robbing little kids for bags'. Ok, I digress, but Halloween totally takes me back to that moment.

I also like the fact that National Breast Cancer Awareness is recognized in the month of October. So many people (not just women) succumb to breast cancer. And black women are at the highest risk. So this month especially, is about raising awareness and educating others on breast cancer.

Also, this month is National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying has been around as long as I can remember but today it has gone extreme. Especially since the cyber age has come along. There are several people bullied everyone to the point that they feel they have to take their own life. To find out more on bullying visit PACER.

This month, I look forward to traveling home for Homecoming (Heeeyyyy Albany, whooo, whoo) as well as spending time with my Grandmother's for her birthday. Also, going to a few Haunted Houses, yes I'm bout that life.

Let me know what you all have planned for this month.

I plan on making one of these

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodbye September

September literally falls into the "favorite months" category. Summer winds down and the crispness of Fall fills the air. Back to school aka more traffic, rustling of leaves, as well as a dedicated month of fashion (as if they all aren't).

This September really helped me fall back in love with blogging. I was able to attend two awesome events with Fashion bloggers Brea and ViVi. Sometimes you just need to be amongst people who are doing what you'd like to do or doing what you should be doing; to give you that extra push, to simply do it. I must admit, I have been actually hating my blogs layout. Internally I've always wanted to write but aesthetically speaking it's been a pain. I am in the process of working with a graphic designer (although she's away at the time). I can.not.wait. to have a new shiny blog.

This month has also allowed me to meet a few new people that I need for this season as well as reconnect with old friends. Its really made me see (once again) that everything happens exactly when it's supposed to happen.

All in all, September was good to me. Just look below:

Attended one of my FAV Soror's B-day party. Happy Birthday again Jennifer. Afterwards I headed to my FAV ratchet lounge in DC, Red Lounge. It's always great to get together with my Sorors!!!

After having dirty unwashed hair for a month (yes you read correctly). I was able to come up with this fabulous up do. Let me just say it took a minute to get the hair pins in place, but once I did it was on and  popping. It looks similar to a bow, but its not.  I even picked up a new lippie  (MAC's Rebel) and blush (MAC's Blunt) as a contour. I think I did pretty good, what you think? I 'cleaned the ole barn up' (Honey boo boo reference) because I was headed to Tuscana Lounge to celebrate my friend Brandys' birthday. I even wore an outfit that took me back to me Undergrad days, I think I still got it.

September made me feel how I felt before my days with Uncle Ruckus. I felt like the young, single, vibrant, fun Kristin. These days my social calendar is filled. The month definitely didn't stop at that party.

If you all remember, I am a HUGE Yelper. I mean I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that site!!! You can actually check me out here #TeamElite. This party was sooo fun. I mean there was free alcohol, food, eyebrow threading, and hair cuts. This was my first time attending a silent party. If you've never attended one, let me give you the deets. You walk in a quiet room and are handed headphones. There is a DJ and everyone is partying. Honestly, it was sooo much fun. Yelp really set it off for us, there was even a unicorn(unicorns are on the list of things that I LOVE).
I love Hard Apple Cider, but totally HATE Belvedere #Drinkresponsibly!!!

Red Lips
I also met up with Brea and had brunch for her Birthday. Great times but the food was a miss. My outfit was sooo cute and thrifty but I wore the wrong shoes which totally murdered my pinky toe *ouch*.

The shoes were cute and killer 

I Love the funny faces, they're everywhere

This pic is sponsered by Dooney and Bourke #notreally

I also attended the Runway Event at Potomac Millz. It was a beautiful day and I knew I wanted to wear something full of color. Lucky for me I had this fabulous pair of thrifted flower print pants. I decided to go for a mix-n-match look and it came out perfect. Sucky part is, I missed the actual fashion show due to traffic. Yes, traffic is ALWAYS the answer when you're usually fashionably late. The Swag bags from this particular event was great and it included a $20 gift card (that can be used anywhere). The 'after party' was held at Bloomingdale's and the food was amazing!!! There was this fried asparagus, um, um, um it was bomb. They also had miniature macaroons. Macaroons fall into that same category with unicorns, cupcakes, and cotton candy; ya know, the things I LOVE. 

On the Runway
3's a Charm
Yummy Sweets for deserving women