Sunday, September 30, 2012

Goodbye September

September literally falls into the "favorite months" category. Summer winds down and the crispness of Fall fills the air. Back to school aka more traffic, rustling of leaves, as well as a dedicated month of fashion (as if they all aren't).

This September really helped me fall back in love with blogging. I was able to attend two awesome events with Fashion bloggers Brea and ViVi. Sometimes you just need to be amongst people who are doing what you'd like to do or doing what you should be doing; to give you that extra push, to simply do it. I must admit, I have been actually hating my blogs layout. Internally I've always wanted to write but aesthetically speaking it's been a pain. I am in the process of working with a graphic designer (although she's away at the time). I can.not.wait. to have a new shiny blog.

This month has also allowed me to meet a few new people that I need for this season as well as reconnect with old friends. Its really made me see (once again) that everything happens exactly when it's supposed to happen.

All in all, September was good to me. Just look below:

Attended one of my FAV Soror's B-day party. Happy Birthday again Jennifer. Afterwards I headed to my FAV ratchet lounge in DC, Red Lounge. It's always great to get together with my Sorors!!!

After having dirty unwashed hair for a month (yes you read correctly). I was able to come up with this fabulous up do. Let me just say it took a minute to get the hair pins in place, but once I did it was on and  popping. It looks similar to a bow, but its not.  I even picked up a new lippie  (MAC's Rebel) and blush (MAC's Blunt) as a contour. I think I did pretty good, what you think? I 'cleaned the ole barn up' (Honey boo boo reference) because I was headed to Tuscana Lounge to celebrate my friend Brandys' birthday. I even wore an outfit that took me back to me Undergrad days, I think I still got it.

September made me feel how I felt before my days with Uncle Ruckus. I felt like the young, single, vibrant, fun Kristin. These days my social calendar is filled. The month definitely didn't stop at that party.

If you all remember, I am a HUGE Yelper. I mean I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that site!!! You can actually check me out here #TeamElite. This party was sooo fun. I mean there was free alcohol, food, eyebrow threading, and hair cuts. This was my first time attending a silent party. If you've never attended one, let me give you the deets. You walk in a quiet room and are handed headphones. There is a DJ and everyone is partying. Honestly, it was sooo much fun. Yelp really set it off for us, there was even a unicorn(unicorns are on the list of things that I LOVE).
I love Hard Apple Cider, but totally HATE Belvedere #Drinkresponsibly!!!

Red Lips
I also met up with Brea and had brunch for her Birthday. Great times but the food was a miss. My outfit was sooo cute and thrifty but I wore the wrong shoes which totally murdered my pinky toe *ouch*.

The shoes were cute and killer 

I Love the funny faces, they're everywhere

This pic is sponsered by Dooney and Bourke #notreally

I also attended the Runway Event at Potomac Millz. It was a beautiful day and I knew I wanted to wear something full of color. Lucky for me I had this fabulous pair of thrifted flower print pants. I decided to go for a mix-n-match look and it came out perfect. Sucky part is, I missed the actual fashion show due to traffic. Yes, traffic is ALWAYS the answer when you're usually fashionably late. The Swag bags from this particular event was great and it included a $20 gift card (that can be used anywhere). The 'after party' was held at Bloomingdale's and the food was amazing!!! There was this fried asparagus, um, um, um it was bomb. They also had miniature macaroons. Macaroons fall into that same category with unicorns, cupcakes, and cotton candy; ya know, the things I LOVE. 

On the Runway
3's a Charm
Yummy Sweets for deserving women


Shella said...

this hair bowtie is CAYUUUTE!!! And you are working the HELL out of that white dress! SO great meeting you hun;-))

Special K said...

Thanks chick, I LOVE your blog!!! Hopefully we'll meet up at other events :-)