Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear October...

Dear October,

How I Love thee, let me count the ways...

I totally LOVE the month of October. I mean one of my Fav Holidays occur this month. Yep, you guessed it Halloween. Ever since I was a child I've loved Halloween. I remember trick or treating as a kid with my siblings back in Ga and getting sick off of candy. Plus this month makes me think of the hip hop song by Geto Boyz, Mind Playing Tricks on Me. Verse in point: 'This year Halloween fell on the weekend,  Me and Geto Boyz are trick-or-treating, robbing little kids for bags'. Ok, I digress, but Halloween totally takes me back to that moment.

I also like the fact that National Breast Cancer Awareness is recognized in the month of October. So many people (not just women) succumb to breast cancer. And black women are at the highest risk. So this month especially, is about raising awareness and educating others on breast cancer.

Also, this month is National Bullying Prevention Month. Bullying has been around as long as I can remember but today it has gone extreme. Especially since the cyber age has come along. There are several people bullied everyone to the point that they feel they have to take their own life. To find out more on bullying visit PACER.

This month, I look forward to traveling home for Homecoming (Heeeyyyy Albany, whooo, whoo) as well as spending time with my Grandmother's for her birthday. Also, going to a few Haunted Houses, yes I'm bout that life.

Let me know what you all have planned for this month.

I plan on making one of these

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Vivi N. said...

If you happen to be heading to a Haunted House soon, let me know!