Thursday, April 4, 2013


I still haven't found a full-time gig yet and it totally sucks. This is my last month of my lease and I have no plans... like none; no idea of where the contents of my apartment are going or where I'm going, super stressed. So the compliment that I received yesterday totally brightened up my day. I swear the most random things happen to me, or maybe they're just life's interventions. I did my normal routine at work, as I always do,  greet and assist customers. One 'customer' comes in and states that her hands are super dry and wanted to know if I could recommend something. I took her over to the awesome hand cream that we have and told her to try it out, she obliged and asked about fragrances. I  showed her a couple and mentioned that we have a fragrance that has a woodsy undertone that's really unisex. As she reaches for the perfume, I notice she has on a super cute watch. I compliment the watch and ask if its Kate Spade and she says yes again. She says, you all have a lot of products, it must have taken you forever to learn them. I let her know that I've been with the company for a year and I'm picking up more shifts since a recent layoff and that I just learned. Needless to say, I didn't make the sale, but I offered her a sample of the hand cream she tried earlier as well as the perfume. She takes the sample and thanks me for the service. I think nothing of it, a mental pat on the back, job well done Kristin (its the little things). About an hour later, the phone at my job rings and I answer it; guess who it is? The lady that I helped earlier with the hand cream. She asks me if I remember her (I really have an elephant's memory) and I state yes. This lady goes on to explain that she was the DM for a major cosmetic company and that she was really impressed by the service that I offered her and that they need people like that. She invited me out for a cup of coffee the next day with one of her managers to speak about future opportunities. I hung up the phone feeling totally shocked like what-just-happened.

Fast forward to today, my 1st day off, I get dressed to meet this manager and think this isn't a real interview, just an informal meeting; so what should I wear. Let me be the first to tell you that at my previous place of employment is was business casual minus the business portion. One of the reasons I didn't post OOTD pics was because I'd just roll out of bed and throw on the first tee and pair of clean jeans. So the assumption that business attire is in my closet is just that, an assumption. Plus, I didn't think that an informal meeting at Starbucks called for business 101 attire. Ok, I digress. I wanted to look presentable, but still trendy with a bit of eccentric flair; so I left the hoop in. I NEVER wear my stud nor my hoop on interviews, but this was...informal, right?  So much for being presentable, trendy, eccentric, or even wearing noticeable body jewelry; after waiting 15 minutes over the time we were supposed to meet I realized that today was just informal and left lol. No hard feelings, although I was a bit pissed for wasting my time; my company is a competitor to this company and I would never be able to work for the both of them.

At least all wasn't lost, I was able to meet up with a guy that I'd met earlier this week for a nice conversation and lunch.

I am smiling sooo hard in this pic

This Red Velvet made my day worth it

Monday, April 1, 2013

Girl About Town

For the past couple of weeks I've had a chance to kick it with my good Judy's. I know my pictures may reflect me just living life up (definitely not the case) but why post pics of me upset and worried right? Take a quick journey with me getting my makeup done, brunching, and enjoying a little night life.

Got to meet up with my boos for lunch!!!

Got sooo many compliments on my vintage Cosby sweater

Celebrated with my friends who recently wed in Vegas, CONGRATS guys!!!
Excuse the inappropriate crouch smile, hey its vintage, ya never know lol


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter


I hope that you all enjoyed this wonderful Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday as us Christians would say. I remember as a little girl I would love the events that led up to Easter Sunday; the Shirley temple curls, petticoats and ruffled panties, and of course the dresses. I honestly can't remember an Easter Sunday without an Easter dress and this year was the same. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to church and tuned in to a live service in bed sooo, my beautiful Easter dress may just see its way back in the isle (ya'll know I'm still looking for a full time job #anotherpost). However, I was able to get a wonderful message today and sooo happy that He is Risen.