Monday, July 7, 2014

TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Target Oh My...

The best thing about being employed again is being able to get my shop on. Now granted, I still have to do it in moderation since I’m playing catch up from last year’s layoff, but it definitely feels good to just shop!!! Recently, I’ve been doing the ‘bulk’ of my shopping at 3 places: TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Target. What I LOVE about all three places is that they each have something for each aspect of your life. However, Target has two additional caveats with their hours and the addition of groceries. Nonetheless, all are great for your girl. TJ Maxx and Marshalls has designer items discounted so its very important for me to check them out at least once a week. Not that I purchase everytime, but I like to see what’s new and in rotation. Here are a few things that either caught my eye or hopped in my cart.

Unfortunately this didn't go home with me but I'm kicking myself that I didn't make it work (the chain was too long). I love an 'initial' or monogram anything. 

With a wide selection of candles, TJ Naxx and Marshlls are my first stop when it comes to creating the perfect gift bag. My favs out of this bunch were, Fresh Shave (I may have to go back for this one since I lack a man but love their scent) and Intimate.

This was a score for me!!! I like that it has a built in surge protector and can charge 3 items simultaneously, it even has a little nook to rest your iPhone on. 
Since I'm not blessed in the chest area I never have to spend a lot of money on bras. However I can definitely tell the difference between a cheap bra and one that's a bit more pricier. I was able to get this Calvin Klein (classic designer) bra for only $10. I love the color and the fit #Score
That bash reached out to me and actually made it in my cart but I have sooo many recyclable bags that I decided to leave this for another fashionista.
Last week I made my rounds at Target and was happy to see a few new pieces. Check me out below getting my fitting room fashion on!!! 
This is actually a 2 piece short set and has two different tops. The top that I'm wearing would be perfect for an expecting mother!

As much as I liked the print I wasn't feeling the fabric. I also don't think that I wear both top and bottom paired together, I'd break it up.

This is actually the same print of the first outfit but on dress form. Let's just say the medium was a bit too tight. However I'm sure that after 21 days on Black Girls Workout Too I'd be able to look stunning in the freakum dress (I'm sure it'll be long gone by then). I'm pictured in the large which is...a bit large lol!

This is what should have come home with me. I see this dress perfect for any occasion; work, church, or a lunch outing.

It wouldn't be right if I went to Tarfet and didn't see something cute. I am such a big kid that lives for cute packaging. The da*m marketing will get me every time, but not this time... Wah la magic! 
If I could have just had the ago alone it would have made my day lol!!! 

As you can tell no matter which store; they all have something that keeps me going back (weekly). What are some of your #Fabfound items or Tarjay purchases?