Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I LOVE- Gospel Music

If you read my previous post about my job, you know that its a sore subject. Usually the way I deal (and the way some of you have commented) is to pray about situations because I know that HE will work them out. Along with praying, I also LOVE listening to my fair share of gospel music. I've been known to make mixes for friends and family members and gospel happens to be one of my specialities. So below I've listed a few gospel songs that really lets me know that he is here as well as he hears. All of the songs listed are also located in my favorites here (be sure to subscribe as well). Feel free to leave a comment on any song (gospel) that's helping you right now. Be blessed.

SN-Do you say Be Blessed or Be Bless? I think Be Bless is incorrect (the nerd in me has researched it and obviously still is researching).

1. Back To You Dorinda Clark Cole
2. My Testimony- Marvin Sapp
3. Good and Bad- J Moss
4. For Every Mountain- Amber Bullock
5. Be Still- Yolanda Adams
6. I Hear the Sound (of Victory)- Maurette Brown Clark
7. In The Middle- Isaac Carree
8. After This- J.J Hairston and Youthful Praise
9. Still Able- James Fortune and Fiya
10. One More Time- Zacardi Cortez
11. Before I Die- Kirk Franklin
12. It's All God- The Soul Seekers ft. Marvin Winans
13. Let the Church Say Amen- Andre Crouch
14. I Feel Good- Fred Hammond
15. Shifting The Atmosphere- Jason Nelson

*Honorary Mentions*
1.  Standing in the Need of a Blessing- James Cleveland
2. The Lord is My Shepard- Cissy Houston
3. That's When You Bless Me- LA Mass Choir
4. If Not for Your Grace-Isreal & New Breed
5. Lord Do It- Hezekiah Walker
6. Who Else But God- Tye Tribbett
7. Call on Jesus- Bruce Parham

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I LOVE Being Happy- Unfortunately, I'm Not In a Good Place

                                                                                      Too bad they only survived for 3 days

As much as I wanted to write consistently this month that.did.not.happen. I really wanted to stay on task writing about all the things I LOVE. I'll be the first to say that February usually isn't the best month for me. However,  I don't think I can blame it on the month all together this time. I actually haven't been in a good place since last year to be honest. Usually when I get sick, I fall off a bit and that (back to back tonsillitis) happened around October. But this is different. I say I haven't felt like myself since August, maybe even before. The issue is, I a not happy with my current work situation. I mean to be completely honest, I HATE IT!!! Yes, this is one thing I can honestly say I HATE and actually mean it. I mean everything about it, the type of work I do, salary, environment, and especially Caroline (if you're an Outkast fan you know the connection)!!!

I know that I'm not at work all day. But face it, I'm there 40 plus hours and it is totally draining. I often sit and imagine jobs/positions that I'd be great at. And before you state why-not-apply, the answer is I have been. Honestly I have both feet and one elbow out the door and at anytime Caroline can kick/lie the rest out. My feelings on this are sooo much deeper than what I've written, but primarily this is what's been holding Kristin back from being Kristin.

I think last week was one of the hardest weeks thus far. The anniversary of my mom's death, work drama, and Whitney Houston's death. Of course I'd planned on writing about them individually but I got into a serious rut. I mean serious. I was 'overly' emotional last week and cried at the drop of a dime literally. I know that things will get better but I'm just not sure when. Honestly, if I didn't live alone I would have walked out (before having a Project Patricia moment). I truly would have been the epitome of a hoodrat and totally burned a bridge. Yes, its that BAD. I could go on, and on, and on...but I won't.

When I heard about the death of Whitney Houston, I thought and hoped it was just a lie. If you're on Twitter (as I am, follow me) you know that Twitter kills off celebrities everyday. I actually made my cousin check TMZ to verify what he'd read and yes it was true. I was totally shocked and shortly afterwards the news stations were broadcasting the news as well as playing famous records of hers. Later in the week I can say that I was deeply saddened to the point my BF had to make me stop watching the coverage. What hit home for me is that now Bobbi Kristina will be a motherless child. I'm almost 30 and know how much I'd like to call my mom and consult with her on the little things. I can only imagine how an 18 yr. old that had a super close mother/daughter bond will be able to handle it. I wasn't able to watch the Homegoing service in full (because of work) but I did catch bits of pieces of it from YouTube. After watching several specials remembering Whitney I was emotionally drained. I do plan on listing a few of my FAV Whitney Houston moments as well as songs a little bit later this week.

R.I.P to my Moma as well as Whitney Houston

I HATE the fact that I missed out on posting about my BF and my 1st Valentines day as well. Let's just say I expected more. If you know me I can be a bit whinny/bratty/spoiled at times. He surprised me with a dozen roses delivered early that morning (although I'm a tulip type of girl). It was sweet though, especially because I'm the only person that's not married in my area and... the ONLY one that received something. I knew that we weren't going to spend the day together because we both had to work and our shifts are complete opposites but I thought we'd have a romantic dinner this past weekend. Let's just say that didn't happen. But I can't complain, Valentine's is just one day, luckily I have a guy that shows how much he cares for me whenever he's around. We did however, enjoy facials and massages on Sunday which were FAB.

I am looking forward to a better week and trying to think a bit more positive in regard to my work situation.