Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sweet 16 Again...

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my 16th birthday again. Ok, ok you all know I’m not sixteen, but a lady never reveals her age right? In the past I’ve always had some type of ‘plan’ for my birthday but this year I knew that I wanted to do something lo-key and didn’t feel like rounding up a group of friends to make something happen. I remember when I first moved to Va. how pressed I was to do something and look at me now a few years later and in total chill mode! Although I didn't have any major birthday plans, the month of June for me has been full of experiences. I went hiking, saw Kelis in concert, hung out with a new friend, took a photography class and really began to put some things in perspective.
There may not have been an epic celebration this year but I was able to take a lo-key getaway trip to Richmond. I LOVE Richmond, there are sooo many cute places to visit. And since I'm a big foodie I knew I'd be able to check out a few restaurants and try new dishes. All in all, I had pretty good birthday weekend check it out.