Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sweet 16 Again...

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of celebrating my 16th birthday again. Ok, ok you all know I’m not sixteen, but a lady never reveals her age right? In the past I’ve always had some type of ‘plan’ for my birthday but this year I knew that I wanted to do something lo-key and didn’t feel like rounding up a group of friends to make something happen. I remember when I first moved to Va. how pressed I was to do something and look at me now a few years later and in total chill mode! Although I didn't have any major birthday plans, the month of June for me has been full of experiences. I went hiking, saw Kelis in concert, hung out with a new friend, took a photography class and really began to put some things in perspective.
There may not have been an epic celebration this year but I was able to take a lo-key getaway trip to Richmond. I LOVE Richmond, there are sooo many cute places to visit. And since I'm a big foodie I knew I'd be able to check out a few restaurants and try new dishes. All in all, I had pretty good birthday weekend check it out.


MsGreatGlam said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Truthfully, what you did is better than the usual group-night on the town-thing. I think being around the people you love most or doing what you love most is the best, because it really makes you appreciate being alive another year to even do so. Granted we should have this appreciation every day, theres just something about it on your birthday.

You look like you had a really nice time and ummm some really good time SHARE lol.

Heidi Sheffield said...

I am glad you enjoyed your birthday! May God bless you to see many many more! By the way how was the photography class?