Monday, April 1, 2013

Girl About Town

For the past couple of weeks I've had a chance to kick it with my good Judy's. I know my pictures may reflect me just living life up (definitely not the case) but why post pics of me upset and worried right? Take a quick journey with me getting my makeup done, brunching, and enjoying a little night life.

Got to meet up with my boos for lunch!!!

Got sooo many compliments on my vintage Cosby sweater

Celebrated with my friends who recently wed in Vegas, CONGRATS guys!!!
Excuse the inappropriate crouch smile, hey its vintage, ya never know lol



Linda said...

You looke hot. You seem to like vintage l do too. I just found you blog yesterday and l think it is very good.

Dilara Afroz said...

Thanks for that. Actually those are related for every women in the world because they are stylish for their handbags, hair & High Heels.