Friday, March 7, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

Yesterday was one of my happiest days living in a new city/state. The New target that was being built when I moved 6 months ago has finally opened. Such joy this place brings to me, and to think, now there is one less than 5 minutes away!!! So you know I had to get my visit on. Even pulling up, there was sooo much to take in, the pure ambiance of it all. As I entered I was welcomed by the 'new' know the smell you get with new shoes or a new car. The smell was so strong and pleasing I wish they would have packaged it. Besides the store being brand new, it was pretty empty and felt like it was all mine. This Target even had new buggies which rolled correctly (you know you can't stand a wobbly buggie). It always amazes me how the set up of Target and Super Targets' differ. My Super Target had purses and accessories the left of the entrance, with the shoe section beside it. Everything was nice and neat, and a big selection of sunglasses lined the back wall. Now I've shopped in my share of Targets and have never seen shoes this close to the front. As I walked from department to department, there were friendly red-shirt staffers' to greet me and ask if I needed assistance. The only thing I can say bad about 'My Super Target' is, it was so new, there were no dollar sections or sales in clothing. Do you know what this opening means for me? I have first dibs at new designers and new releases!!!Overall a post can not explain the sheer excitement I felt on this day but I'll keep you informed on my adventures to 'my store'.


Montreal Thomas said...

MAAAAANNNN...You are an exact replica of me, only with alot of estrogen and braces, LOL...I love Target, I shop there like no other. If I can't find a fresh shirt in Express, or Gap..I go to Target and my addiction is satisfied. I recently went there and racked up on some custom fitted sweaters and velvet blazers..You would swear they were Ralph Lauren. Target is my @#$%, clothes, music, and housewares....Wal-Mart can get cancer and croak!!!!

Pajnstl said...

I love TarJay! Glad you finally have one in your area :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

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Pam said...

Girl, I can't believe you could do a whole post on a darn SuperTarget opening. You make me smaile and laugh. Girl how did you miss the dollar section? It was filled to the brim and neatly organized. I saw the nicest pants for the working woman. Too bad I am jobless.

L. Renee' said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's great to meet new people. I think people who relocate to a new state are totally adventurous! I envy you. I have lived in Md./D.C my whole life. I even went to college in MD. Anyway, I Love Target!! They are suppose to be building one down here in Annapolis soon and I can't wait. I thought I was the only one..LOL
I hope you will visit me again. Stay in touch.

SimplyComplex said...

Finally! Someone who shares my love affair with Target!!!

*B* Fab said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!! And welcome to the DMV 'urea'! lol! I try and stay away from target because if I go to just get cleaning products I seem to leave spending $80 when i shoulda just spent $10!!! But a new target, yeah i would have had to check it out too!

Oh, I will have to email and post that recipe this evening!