Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Was the Runway ripped or not???

So tonight was Rip The Runway, I personally don't think it was better than last year. Although, some good came out of the event...Diddy had his whole crew working for there keep. Lauren London is a beautiful woman, but tonight something was off. I don't know if it was the extra unnecessary movement or the too dark, over the top makeup. Nelly on the other hand looked GREAT, I have always been a fan and admirer of him, tonight definitely put him back in the limelight.

On a fashion tip, Rich and Infamous looked like the feature line for Rainbow. What was up with all of the tights??? However, I absolutely loved the dress above from the Zac Posen line.

Back to Nelly...Did he have the best line or what, so much energy...Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur. Oh how I love Nelly. Now I'm really into urban fashion, but I would definitely buy a few of his pieces.
Was my hour the only hour that was wasted? Last years showcase of fashion was just a lot better!!!

P.S- Who'll be buying Day 26 after their performance, and what kind of name is Day 26?


Anonymous said...

I must agree that this year's Rip the Runway, was not as exciting. I have been anticipating to see Zac Posen's collection. Nellie's Apple Bottom line was quite an improvement from last year. Missy Elliot's collection on the other hand not a favorite at all. Overall, i was quite dissapointed with the broadcast. Oh well, maybe next year!!

Pam said...

Hated Snoop's wife's line, TACKY! Loved Zac Posen-he does design for women. So I see where all the ANTM rejects go for follow up after Tyra capitalizes on them. Day 26 was horrible. Not wasting my time or dimes on them at all. A name change and beter vocals as wel as an image boost will do them well.

Montreal Thomas said...

Are we not forgetting the most important fashion statement of them all...Amaya Swimwear...GOSH!!! How could you guys look over this. This had to be the sexiest, most hypnotizing fashion trend of the show. Apple Bottoms, sure...Zac Posen, one time wear...Sean Jean, needs to be more fitted...I could go on and on...but ya'll get my point.

Xilla said...