Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It's Official!!!

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Sooo It's official, I'm ready to start dating. I haven't gone on one single date since Uncle Rukus (the preferred name for my ex) and I ended our relationship. I remember after we first broke up I didn't even want to look at another guy, they all just disgusted me. I'd go to the gym and try my bestest (yes bestest) not to make eye contact with someone of the opposite sex. Welp, let's just say things have changed. I have a very flirtatious personality, and it has been peeping its head out a little too often. I had a guy at Marshall's thinking that I wanted to walk him home (totally not what I was implying, simply wanted his opinion). Most of my friends are casually dating and I think (kinda sorta not sure) that I'm ready for the challenge. Note, that I used the word think. Honestly, I've fallen back into the habits of the old single nonchalant Kristin. That basically means I'm concerned with me, I only have time for me, and I can kinda do without the (sometime) annoyance of being attached at the hip to someone else. Like, I look back and think, I really spent a lot of time with that dude and kinda neglected things that were important to me, for things that I thought were important to us. So this time around I'm doing me... if and only if I have time, I'll make an exception to hang out, other than that I'm not pressed to have a free meal or free adventure with someone that I'm not feeling conversationally or physically. 

Here's the kicker... I joined an online dating site. I can't remember if I stated on this blog that I wouldn't go that route again or not, but its the route that I've taken. I won't lie, these first few minutes have been entertaining to say the least, but after a while it became a bit overwhelming. The site I joined is a free site and my friend warned and encouraged (at-the-same-damn-time) that I'd get some jerks but there may just be a needle in the haystack. I'm not sure if I'll give you guys a play by play (if any one's reading) of what's happening, but I may chime in a bit. So far I have met a few thirsty mofo's, they're like 'I hit you up but you never said anything'. My thoughts are maybe you're not attractive or maybe your screen name is pushingmylovedeepinsideyou or maybe, just maybe, I'm busy.   I swear to you all, I hate the dating phase, you know, the what's-your-favorite-color-what-do-you-do-do-you-have-any-kids type of conversations. In a perfect world I'd like to have a face-to-face interview with the non-psycho (cause we all know guys say their exes were psycho) ex girlfriend and see what dude is really about; that would definitely save time and maybe heartache as well.

Who knows, I may just meet the prototype of my future husband who will become my future baby daddy (had to do that for the ratchets)!!!

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