Sunday, September 16, 2012

Aren't You a Blogger?

Aren't you a blogger is the question that I ask myself, especially, when I haven't written on a regular. Last weekend as well as this weekend infused the love of blogging in my spirit. Why the delay in blogs you ask... simply, because I've been a bit lazy and I'm sooo over my blog design/layout (a new layout is in the works).

Last weekend I had a chance to attend a Celebrating Women Bloggers Reception at Last Call by Neiman Marcus at Potomac Mills. I was sooo excited that there was an actual fashion event in my area, which meant I didn't have to drive all the way to DC. At the event stylist Lani Inlander presented us with several upcoming Fall trends. Afterwards we were provided with an overview of Last Call by the managet Tim Boiles. Now if you're a serious shopper that loves a designer brand as well as a discounted price, Last Call is the store for you. This is the only Last Call by Neiman Marcus in the state of Va. And, they have a regular shipment from Barney's (gasp). Tim even stated that his store occasionally receives the coveted Chanel every now and again. Last Call totally laid it out for us from the tasty decadent food, to the awesome swag bags. Let me just say I was happy to even receive a swag bag considering I didn't RSVP initially.  Lastly we were given a tour of the Fashion District at Potomac Mills by Caroline Berry Green, who is the Director of Marketing & Business at Potomac Mills. There are going to be some big changes coming to the area. They are getting a Cheesecake Factory and a Pandora Outlet (yay).

If that little bit excited you, you have a chance to see what I mean by coming out to the Celebrating Women Runway fashion show, hosted by stylist Lani Inlander on the 22nd of September. There will be complimentary refreshments, wine tasting, live music, and a after party. If that's not enough, the first 50 people to RSVP will receive reserved seating at a runway show, a swag bag,  as well as a $20 American Express/Simon gift card.

Later that evening, I had a chance to get my cherry popped at Ikea. How in the heck have I lived here 5 years and have never visited Ikea...smh. Luckily Brea and ViVi was going there too so imagine the fun we had. I am sooo in Love with Ikea and can't wait to go back!!!


Teronda said...

What?! You had never been to Ikea?! Girl!

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