Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Food Truck Tuesday...

Since I was unable to make it to Target for Target Tuesday, I can actually deem this day as another segment day. Hence the title Food Truck Tuesday. That really wasn’t hard to think of since my company actually has a different food truck each Tuesday for us to choose from. Now that’s what I call a perk!!! Nonetheless, my lifestyle blog will be transforming into more food and lifestyle, so be on the lookout for more food post.

Over the weekend I did a lot of meal planning, I broke everything down by what to buy as well as what day/time I'd eat the meal. Yes, your girl is trying to get it right get it tight. But keep in mind I am still a certified foodie!!! While meal planning I was sure to leave Tuesday's lunch open because I knew for a fact that is be at the food truck today. This would be the first time that we'd have a BBQ themed food truck. I checked my calendar as soon as I got in and it was full of meetings; so I thought of the next best thing.... ask someone to pick up my order. Honestly, that was like a last resort type of thought. I'm the type that relishes in the novelty of the food truck. I really need to experience the design, the service, and of course the cleanliness. The food Gods must have been looking out since one of my meetings ended early!!!

I made it out to SloppyMamas food truck and watched as they added items to the menu. I'd already done my homework, so I kinda knew what I wanted. I went back and forth between the brisket plate (which came with two sides) and the brisket sandwich. I knew for sure it had to be brisket and that it had to be the moist cut instead of the lean cut. I ended up choosing the sandwich to keep my lunch budget down, but of course there were add ons. I added the coleslaw that everyone raved about online as well as the bacon jam. I am sooo happy that I did. The meat was sooo moist and the coleslaw had pieces of pickles inside and was bursting with flavor!!! I made a great choice of skipping out on my meal planned lunch. 

Disregard the fact that I drowned my bread with BBQ sauce!!!

In case you're wondering some of the other meals I've enjoyed from Food Truck Tuesday keep salivating and look below.

This was my first time having a Vietnamiese sandwich (Bánh Mi) from @Phowheels the only thing missing was a fried egg to. The flavors from this sandwich was everything.

This was also a first time sandwich. A Cuban from @borinquenlunchb the crisp outside yet softness of this bread was perfection. And the mustard-pickle-pork blend was EVERYTHING (I actually had it twice I'm on week). 

Since food trucks have basically started to take over the food market, which food truck is your favorite and why? 


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