Monday, April 21, 2008

Here's My Addiction...


The other day I was talking to a friend and he asked if I liked magazines (you know, one of those getting-to-know-you type of questions). And I was like I'm totally addicted to them.

I don't know if its the shiny pages, the coupons inside, or just the fact that a new one comes out every month!!! I believe my grandma actually sparked my interest in them as she did her children. Growing up with a teacher in the house, books are everywhere, in my case there were both... many books and many magazines. Even as a child I had had my own personal subscriptions. To this day I still don't know how many magazines my grandma actually gets. It seems like whenever I'm home there's always a new subscription to something different. And because my grandma is sooo cool she even comes up with excuses like "Ya'll like to read that, so I ordered it" (the best).  

Back to me and my addiction. Although I grew up around subscriptions, I'm the dumb chic who spends roughly $25 a month on my favorite magazines, that is until my cousin pulled my card (Pam). I know its dumb, but something about seeing them on the shelf/stand makes me just wanna buy them!!! Since my cousin called me out, I now subscribe to Cosmogirl, Seventeen, Lucky, Nylon, and People Style. Yes, I still keep up with my teen magazines (they have all the cool up-to-date clothing sites). On the other hand I still shop off the stand for a few like...

Essence- I make a point to get this at a store it gives me that liberated feeling like... I-Am-A-Black-Woman-And-This-My-Magazine!!!

Glamour- I have no excuse not to subscribe to this one. To me its an all around magazine. Not too much sex, fashion tips, or real life stories... just enough. B.T.W I still had them on my sh*t list for the comment/forum (whatever it was) on afros in the workplace.

Cosmopolitan- I used to be sooo in love with this magazine. Now I realize its just way too many "new" sexual positions included monthly. I think this is the in between magazine... Not a Girl Not quite a Woman (you need that in college).

Marie Claire- I only buy this when I've pretty much bought everything else. Its a bit boring to me... just Blah!!!

Fitness- O.K I'll be real I usually only buy this from the Dollar Tree (yes they sell it there) there are really cute topics and important health information. 

Elle- I know people swear by this one, but I buy it sparingly. Truly I can't afford nothing in there... at least not the stuff I want (my eye's go to the most expensive things... always... got it from my mama... good taste).

Jet- The size of this speaks for itself, just like a "minute man" and its over!!! I only pick this one up if there's someone I really like on the cover and I usually read it in the... you-know-where!!!

Upscale- I get this every-now-and-then, however it usually has interesting topics.

Today's Black Woman- I almost hate this magazine. Why? It is forever reporting about "cheating, finding a good man". It is the bible for... who's doing it, how to do it, and how to find out if and why they're doing it and etc. I just don't think it totally represents "Me today, as a Black Woman" in every aspect. I ONLY get it if someone I like is on the cover.  

The funny thing is... I'm so addicted that my cousin gets one of the magazines I buy off the stand and I still HAVE to buy it for myself. Its like I'm a fein and I have to get my fix monthly. I know I'm not the only one addicted to magazines... Which are your favorites and least favorites. Also, if you know of any other good ones I didn't mention let me know.


*B* Fab said...

I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE Harper's Bazaar and I will always love W!! Vogue, I've been reading forever, yet I have a bout 6 months stacked up I haven't touched, not sure why.

Diva Dorna said...

I have to 2nd your comments on Cosmo. It use to be my favorite. My favorites are People, Ebony, and I just started reading Vibe.

Special K said...

*B* fab- I do't think I've ever read Bazaar, so I'll definitely have to look at it

Diva Dorna- Vibe? You can tell you have a teenager in the house, but you have to stay abreast to what's going on in the culture and Vibe will definitely keep you in the loop!!!

Pretty Girl said...

Girl I am obsessed with mags too. It is ridiculous because they are taking over my house. I now subscribe to: Lucky, Essence, TeenVOGUE, ELLE, Glamour and Marie Claire. I want to subscibe to the paper issues of WWD but it costs $205 for a year (yes you get like150 issues a year but still).

Anonymous said...

Wow! I need to step my Mag game up.

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Yeah I'm a magazine junkie, I confess!

I also loved magazines like Suede, Honey and Vibe Vixen. My heart is broken because the ones I fall IN LOVE with always get cancelled. BOO!!!
(I guess Vibe Vixen had to fufil my subscription and sent me the regular Vibe for the duration the of subscription after they folded. Hell,if I'd wanted Vibe, I would've subscribed! Some nerve! There's a VERY big difference between the two)

Why can't we keep these good, African-American focused mags (cross between Glamour, Essence and Instyle) going? Maybe all the bloggers should get together and start our own fab on-line magazine that we could contribute to! Hmm...

I also like People Style Watch because it gives websites and things that are affordable.

Psyche said...

I only get InStyle and Lucky. I agree that there is something about those glossy pages. I was thinking about that lately as I am trying to become more eco-conscious. You've probably seen the online magazine subscriptions. While online subscriptions are eco-friendly, I cannot help but think it is not the same experience. Ah...maybe someday.