Monday, April 14, 2008

Which Category do you belong to

I checked the book above out from the library about two months ago it started out as an interesting read but I got a bit bored. I say bored because it didn't fully capture my attention, although their were interesting points. The book is about a single guy looking for love, while categorizing women in 6 different categories which is supposed to be 'the real guyz guide' numbered 1-6. I found the categories interesting because it was from a males' perspective. So I decided to put it out there for you/us women to see which one we fall into. All of the categories  are strictly the work of Van Whitfield.

Pain Personified- "I just got out of a really bad relationship"motto of a 1
1s are 1s for a reason. They didn't start dating to become 1s and if they had a choice they definitely wouldn't be 1s. You'll find 1s at church throughout the week. They'll tell you they're celibate. But many 1s choose celibacy and the church because they need a supportive environment to help them deal with the pain. 1s also need time to develop retaliatory measures against the guy who goofed (with God's blessings of course). Some man, somewhere made a 1 a 1. And because of that man, the 1 you may be dating may not work out. To her, you are that same no good guy waiting to happen all over again.

Inside the mind of a player-"I'm not interested in a relationship- I just have friends" motto of a 2
What's a 2 looking for if she's not interested in a relationship? Simple question, simple answer. Control. Some women just plain don't want a relationship which is just like some men who refuse to commit. Somehow it works if the involved parties accept it. But a true 2 is a slick 2. And a slick 2 is one who's figured how to run the same scam on men that men have run on women for years. 2s don't believe in staying home. They have to be out. They insist on doing everything with their girlfriends or with some mysterious "friend". Unfortunately, 2s play by their own rules, so they sometimes treat men worse than men treat women. It's damn near impossible to figure out 2s. 2s are too busy, too self-absorbed, and too much of a hassel to get involved with.

A moment with a gold digger-"What is it you said you do for a living" motto of a 3
 3s don't have to have that sassy, playful air. You give it to them. They don't have to have common sense. You give them that as well. 3s don't even need bank, because unlike fine babes you don't necessarily mind spending your cash on, you will gladly give it to a 3. And that's the fundamental problem with 3s. They look so f-ing good that you just want to give them stuff. 3s are not always the 'bimbos' everyone makes them out to be. They've figured out exactly what it takes to please the level of guys they deal with (and they give it to them big time). But don't count on them giving too much to you. You'll be too busy giving way too much to them. If you must date a 3 (or if you're lucky enough to date one), be aware that if you're not a major player with major power or influence, you'll be in for major disappointment if you think she's the 
'real thing". Not that 3s can't be the real thing. They can and often are for the right price. 

The skinny on male bashers-"Men are dogs" motto of a 4
When a babe tires of being a 1 and decides she's ready to date again, the first stop on the road to recovery is usually an ungratifying stay in 4 world. 4s believe men stink for one very basic reason. They're men. 4s have been there, done it, and seen it all when it comes to guys. That's how 4s became 4s. Much like 1s, 4s certainly didn't start dating to become 4s, but you can bet that some screwed -up guy had a hand in driving them to their unfortunate state of mind. 4s are a mess. But if you remember that some guy had a hand in creating the mess they've become, you may actually be of some long-term help. Just be prepared to be ultra patient, incredibly understanding, supersensitive, and as open as a 24-hour-a-day 7-Eleven.

A moment with the marrying one- "My biological clock is ticking-I need a husband" motto of a 5
5s are so amazing because they have the whole marriage thing down to a specific (and well practiced) science. They always wait to hit you with the move when you're most vulnerable. But it's not just about the perfectly timed questions with 5s. It's part of the process, and it's a process that works.  If a decides he really wants you, make it a point to protect yourself (literally). 5s still believe they can hook you with a a baby. 

You too can hit the jackpot- "I'm single, I'm available and Yes, I'm interested" motto of a 6
There's not a whole lot to say about 6s, because when a woman is right she's just plain right. 6s don't play games. They don't have to. They tell you they're interested because they are, and they sense you are as well. They don't manipulate, because they know you'll do nearly anything for them (just as they would do for you). 6s don't listen to you piss and moan about your rotten day and your know-it-all boss. They hear you out and they understand. They motivate you to succeed at whatever your highest level may be. 6s will bring out the best in you, and you in them. 6s don't waste time with stale, meaningless arguments. They discuss relevant problems, and together you find solutions. 6s understand that guys want to be respected, that they want to be dealt with honestly and fairly, and that men want to be loved as much as women do. Lots of women understand hat. 6s do something about it. 6s aren't perfect. Nobody is. But love with a 6 is as close to perfection as perfection can get. Growing and togetherness are important to 6s. 

My family and I felt compelled to add another number.

I have nothing to offer, I have no class, morals, or standards- "I'll do anything for a man" motto of a .5
This category stands for the women that will go out of way to get and try to keep a man (we all know one). And because of this she doesn't deserve a whole number just a decimal place. 

Women- Which category do you fall in? Which category would your girls classify you as?

Males- What type of woman do you find are more attracted to you and what are you most attracted to? Also, which type of woman is a turnoff for you?


Eb the Celeb said...

I am happily at #6 right now... I realized to be OK showing and telling me feelings as a way not to waste time... but I have been threw 1, 2, and 4 and thank God I aint there no more....

I have a couple friends that are the gold diggers types and then I have a couple more that are the want to hurry up and get married types... not because their biological clocks are ticking because they already have kids... but they just want to be married.

They forgot the type that just want a man to do everything for them. I have a couple of them to.

Special K said...

Eb I'm not there yet, but hopefully by the end of the year!!!