Monday, April 21, 2008

That 70s Show... featuring ME!!!

I'm up at 3 in the morning watching Claudine from my favorite decade... The 70s!!! Everyone who knows me knows how much I LOVE the 70s.

                                                                Why I LOVE the 70s? 

Fashion- The 70s is the era that has us on a fashion frenzy. Psychedelic patterns, bell bottoms, platforms, dashikis, and sooo much more.

Cars- Cars were built to last and were super spacious. I can not resist an 'ole school car.

Culture- It just seemed like everyone was doing their own thing or doing it together and getting along. Everyone had a good time with what they had, no matter how poor you were. Some of the coolest slang was birthed during this era... Jive Turkey, Sucka, and Groovy. Pimps... need I say more!!!

Music- You had Solid Gold Classics, Woodstock, and Disco... just music that made you feel good (baby making)!!! 

Movies- The Mac, Claudine, Cooley High, Sugar Hill, Superfly, Dolemite... too many to name!!!

Goodtimes- You all should know this is my ish!!! I still long to be Thelma or at least shop in her closet. She was one poor fly chic. F.Y.I- Ester Rolle fought for there to be a live-in father included.

The Afro- Everyone had one... need I say more!!!

That's me looking all 70 ish, reminiscent of Thelma Evans  LOL (excuse the boxes I just moved in). What is/was your favorite decade? Did I forget something from the era? I know, drugs... not into that though LOL (it existed in every decade).


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

stop - i lust, i mean love the legs lookn all like thelma on goodtimes

Crys.C said...

Lovin' the pic. U look 2 cute.

Divine Blackness said...

What the....girl, you are lookin' fab!! The 70's indeed was an era I wish I grew up in. I am so not proud to be a child from our generations. The music, the Black power, in the innovations..chiiiile, I practically live in the 70's.

Lovin' your blog!!

Eb the Celeb said...

I wasnt born yet...(sigh)

but so wish I had been... everything we wear now was inspired by the 70's...

Miss B said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!

My fave decade...I go back and forth between the 20s and the 50s. I love the style during both decades. In the 50s women were real traditional, lady like nurturers(sp)...I don't know. The 20s were real No Holds barred, Flappers and fun times and the music...they both intrigue me.

The 70s are cool too...real fun times. I love disco!!! LOL!!

btw I tagged you on my blog check it out!!

Diva Dorna said...

I am definitely the 40s & 50s. LOVE myself some big band and swing. Not to mention, folks DRESSED back then for all occasions. Definitely can see me at the Cotton Club gettin' my groove on to some Duke or Count Basie!! Men were men and women were adored!!

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

I'm with you. The 70's ROCKED!!!!

Love the hair!