Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Got Tagged... go me, go me!!!

So my FIRST tag and I'm sooo excited!!!

The rules are as follows

* link to the person that tagged you : Miss B

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* share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself

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1. I hate when people rub their toes/feet together and it makes that weird "scratchy" sound. My Grandma constantly does this and it irks the hell out of me!!!

2. I have a girl crush on Rihanna. Any magazine or t.v show I'm there watching. And when I get pissed I just turn on "Breaking Dishes" to rock out or when I KNOW I'M LOOKING HOTT I have to put "Lemme Get That" on!!! I even got my bob (which grew out soo quick) because of her. F.Y.I- Did you know Rihanna has a star tattooed on the inside of her left ear?

3. I'm addicted to MarioKart on Wii. I am determined to unlock more courses. I have NEVER been addicted to any other of my wii games before!!!

4.  I love, love, love purses/handbags/purses/computer bags/doggie bags... no matter the type, expensive, cheap as long as they're cute I LOVE them all. I have  trunks, suitcases, and weekenders  full of bags on the inside.  You can almost find a purse somewhere in all of my rooms (except the bathroom). My LOVE for purses stem from my momma keeping a new Dooney!!! B.T.W that's my favorite purse... my leather so soft!!!

5. I have a big problem remembering birthdays... I hate to admit it, I can't keep up with none. I try and then always have to resort to "What day is it gonna be on this year" so I can look it up LOL!!!

6. Hello Kitty is my favorite Sanrio character. I can't wait to go back to Ga. and redeem my freebies from all of my purchases (have to use the same store).

So the bloggers I'm tagging are me,myself an eye, black pearls, thorpesthoughts.... mostly everyone else I thought to tag had been tagged    ***SORRY***


Pajnstl said...

You should look into an online calender, plug the birthdays in and you'll get a email like 2 days prior to the day. #nd you come off looking Oh so thoughtful! :)

Divine Blackness said...

OMG, first of all...Mario Kart on Super Nintento was crazy addicting for me back in the day so I can't imagine how it is now. I need to stay away.

My grown ass STILL loves Hello Kitty. I'm not overboard on stuff like I used to be, but I have cute little HK items...keychain, car decor, stuff like that. She's sooo cute.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

me, myself and eye, lol sounds familiar

i.can't.complain. said...

that's so funny, the

"what day is it gone be on this year"


ive definitely been guilty of this one.

ri-ri has a tat on the inside of her ear?



Special K said...

Panjnstl- I'll have to look into an online calendar, thanx!!!

Divine Blackness- You have to try Mario Kart, SOON!!! I try not to go overboard on HK, I stay away from all of the items that are too kiddy!!!


I.CAN'T.COMPLAIN- yep, she does have a tat there, but it looks like the type that will turn that nasty green down the line cause she's so light LOL!!!

Crys.C said...

breaking dishes is my sh..
i cant remember b-day for the life of me either, so i walk around with a day planner (ol' school but efficient)...

Miss B said...

OMG!!! I LOVE Rihanna...I have a girl crush on her, Amerie and Claudia Jordan.

I just became addicted to Wii. My guy friend has it...I may have to get the MarioKart for us to play.

I never liked Hello Kitty, but I LOVED Keroppi and now I like BadtzuMaru!! YAY Sanrio!!

Eb the Celeb said...

ever since she started covering up the big forehead and rocking the short cut... I think I have a slight girl krush on rihanna too... she is a big reason why I recently cut my hair

and I am addicted to everything on my nintendo wii... i'm just addicted to my wii