Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Red Chasing a Fox IDK

Bracelets- Juicy Couture
Necklace- F21
Ring- Avon
Blazer and Blouse- Thrifted

A couple of months ago I joined Capfabb which is a group of fashion bloggers in DC. As I've stated before I like to think of my blog as a lifestyle blog. Although the name basically represents pieces of fashion, I like to write about several different topics as well as vent. To be honest, I spend several hours stalking fashion blogs, you can find them all throughout my favorites, as well as a listed in my planner so that I don't lose any of you lol!!! I am a bit apprehensive because its something new, I don't have a 'set' photographer, and will I really fit in?

Oh well, today I am going to start moving in another direction and actually adding a few OOTD (Outfit of The Day) and whatever else that I deem fashion related to my blog. I guess I'll learn as I go. I'm actually excited to take advantage of some of the fashion challenges and creating new looks from what I already have. If you all subscribe to me on YouTube then you already know what I mean.


Brooch- Macys

Photos by Reggie

So I have a lot to work on when it comes to posing (super corny), but I think I'll get there soon enough lol. The title is as random as it comes. I was speaking to a co-worker (Leslie) and after she saw the pics this is what she thought I should name it lol, IDK.


Pam said...

Love the shoes! Whay are you standing like you are pigeon toed? Oh and where is the "Dear October" blog?

Pam said...

I have an award for you, you can get it here: Much love to you!

Tierra said...

Nice outfit! I loveee the shoes

Chyanne M. said...

If you're able to make it out to my event this Thrursday. *warning* DO NOT wear those shoes...I may slip the right off your feet. Haha! They're really cute on you and luv the outfit.

Nee said...

Those cheetah flats are so pretty!

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