Monday, June 22, 2015

Dope 33rd!!!

1.       So many significant things about the number 33. Jesus performed 33 miracles and was 33 when he died and rose and #JesusYear.

2.       Since I had Friday off I went and got my free cookie dough iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

3.       And treated myself to a mani/pedi.

4.       I hit up the mall and got a super cute Adidas shirt for a great price.

5.       I also got a pair of Rayban Clubmasters as a gift and took advantage of Sunglass Hut’s 25% off.

6.       I had dinner at a restaurant I was dying to try.

7.       The ambiance reminded me of California for some reason.

8.       Oh how I love California and wish I booked a trip there #iDigress

9.       I ordered Chicken and French toast at the restaurant.

10.   And a ginger margarita.

11.   There was a free go-go concert at the mall’s plaza.

12.   Did I ever mention my love for go-go?

13.   I danced and partied in the rain with friends #DripDrop

14.   Because I’m such a homebody I ended my birthday eve early and went home to watch OITNB.

15.   I went off on my family for being 4 minutes late singing me Happy Birthday.

16.   My grandma was getting dressed for bed but didn’t want to miss the festivities of singing for her first and favorite  grandchild so she sprinted out in her birthday suit (hilarious because we were on FaceTime).

17.   My only true birthday plan was to participate in the Wipeout Race (a 5K with several obstacles).

18.   The race was fun yet challenging.

19.   Did I mention it has hot as hell ever.

20.   During the race my little cousin had her baby on my birthday!!!

21.   I had buffalo wings after the race from Buffalo Wild wings #HatedIt

22.   Didn’t celebrate at all on my actual birthday because there was a summer storm with tornado warnings

23.   Last minute Sunday morning I decided to text a few friends to meet for brunch.

24.   We met at Fuego in Clarendon.

25.   Did I mention how much I LOVE Mexican food?

26.   3 course brunch for $19.99 and $2 drinks for the win.

27.   I used my new camera and uploaded pics in real time.

28.   I gotta learn more about my Samsung NX Mini #BirthdayGift

29.   Went back to my house for my Hello Kitty ice-cream cake #ThanksSue

30.   Took a nap afterwards, I was still tired from the race

31.   Went to the movies because I LOVE movie popcorn.

32.   I saw DOPE, you have to go see it!!!

33.   It wasn’t the most extravagant or excited but I’d have to saw turning 33 is pretty dope!!!

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