Sunday, February 1, 2009

Open Apology

This blog is dedicated to my baby Lyric (on the right). So I get the bright idea, or maybe not so bright idea, to get another dog. I know what you're thinking... for who, for what, when, and why? Well, the reason why I even entertained the idea is because some of my friends and family members wanted to breed their dog, considering mine is fixed. Plus someone I know, had a family member that wanted to give the dog away... free. So I'm thinking, 'a pure bred dog, for free, I'm all over it'. I did ask for a pic of the dog so I could get an idea of what it looked like, however I never received it. 

So I o to get the dog today, and all of the signs were there screaming LEAVE THE DOG!!! Nonetheless, I took the dog and the echoing in my mind became more and more prevalent...
*the dog was matted
*needed its nails clipped horribly 
*had on a f'n baby pamper (who the hell puts a pamper on a dog that's not on its cycle)
*hadn't had recent shots
*too active (my dog and I both are chill, lazy in other words)
*didn't have its papers (stating it was a pure bred)

I know you're like why the hell did you take it, and I'm still kicking myself for that sh*t!!! So I'm about 10 mins. away from the woman's house on 395 like I ain't gonna be able to handle this. so I call my friend who gave me the so-called 'hookup' and tell her to tell her aunt I was bringing the dog back. She spoke with her aunt, and this heffa was like I couldn't bring the dog back and was being totally unreasonable. WTF... I'm like ok, I'll try to find some alternative methods for the dog (trying to be politically correct, before I became niggarish). To make a long story short, there were no shelters open to take in any dogs. I even rolled my window down to see if some random white woman with a dog, wanted another dog, that failed. I didn't just stop there, I went into Petco to see if anyone just wanted a free dog. As you can guess, no one did. By this time, I had an exorcist moment. I just knew my head had spun around and I turned into the other side of my Gemini sign.

I really tried to be reasonable and come up with alternative methods for the dog, considering its previous owner was being a jackas*. So I did the only thing I knew to do. I took the dog back to its previous neighborhood... let's just say the dog is no longer with me. Tomorrow I will fulfill the rest of my civic duty by dropping the dogs belongings at the Goodwill.

To my sweet, fashionable, loving dog, who's attitude and personality, which reflects mine oh so well... I AM SORRY, FOR EVEN ENTERTAINING THAT FUCKERY, LET ALONE GOING THROUGH WITH IT!!!

In the end, the lesson learned was one that I already knew... YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET (no more hook-ups for me).


Tamstyles said...

LOL, girl shut the hell up! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I am over her laughing my ass off.

Pamela said...

When you have one latch key dog, you so don't need another! Hopefully, some random dog lover picked that ghetto lookin, pamper wearin' dog up and hooked it up!

Chanel said...

OMG, this sounds like something that happened to me only with a!

Donna Jenay said...

LMAO i laughed SO hard...the aunt was definitely being a true blue jerk!